Bethesda announces the arrival of new levels for Doom and Doom II

Almost 30 years after the release of the first game, Doom is still talking about itself and the community around it continues to churn out new levels for the ID Software classic.

Now the brand is in the hands of Bethesda, which does not want to abandon the large slice of fans and continues to release updates that keep the love for this shooter alive.

12 new levels for Doom with Earthless: Prelude

It is through the Slayer’s Club that Bethesda has announced the arrival of this new mod dedicated to Doom. The addon called Earthless: Prelude, available for free for all current platforms such as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and PC, will include 12 total maps that will add to the base game.

The mod, developed by James “Jimmy” Paddock looks like the beginning of a bigger expansion that will bring 32 additional levels to the game. The author has been working for years on the creation of game levels for Doom and Doom II and Earthless comes after the success of Deathless.

In an interview on the Bethesda blog, Paddock revealed that these maps date back to the mid-2000s, when he was still learning how to make maps. Over the years he has become a skilled creator of additional levels and mods of all kinds, so much so that he can put his hand to this work and develop it in the best way.

The new levels featured in Earthless: Prelude will feature archival music from the first two Doom, while the final project will include original songs by Paddock and other musicians related to the world of Doom modding.

Although the game was released in 1993, fans continue to receive additional content thanks to the huge community that exists around Doom. Between new levels, gameplay changes, high definition versions and ports for almost all existing consoles, the endurance of Doom with the passing years it is getting higher and Bethesda will try to support both players and modders as much as possible to maintain this status as long as possible.

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