Beware of this new scam that will come to you on TikTok! Will steal all your money

On the Internet, hackers can take advantage of different vulnerabilities or launch campaigns to steal data and passwords. In this case, it is a new threat that is flooding TikTok, which is one of the most popular social networks currently. One of the problems is that it attacks a young audience, who, although it may seem otherwise, are the ones most likely to fall into traps of this type. We are going to tell you how they could rob you.

This is a campaign in which they promise gifts related to the cryptocurrencies. They mainly use videos based on Elon Musk, Tesla or SpaceX. Basically, what they do is impersonate the identity of recognized people or brands. It is not new on social networks, since we have seen similar attacks on other platforms such as Instagram.

Fake websites

Cybercriminals have created hundreds of fake web pages that pretend to be sites for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. What they do is ask the victim to register on that platform to, supposedly, obtain a prize in cryptocurrencies. But of course, it really is a scam. They will steal any cryptocurrency the victim has previously deposited, as well as personal data.

By reaching so many users at once, they are more likely to achieve your goal and scam. They can upload a video of personalities like Elon Musk, where they are supposedly being interviewed and they assure that they are going to give those awards. Other videos, however, simply show a link to a fake platform where the victim must log in and be able to receive Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as a prize.

But how exactly does the scam work? The victim, once registered, receives a alleged amount of cryptocurrencies. You see that amount, which can even be several thousand euros, and decide to withdraw it. When trying to withdraw that money, the platform will indicate that it is first necessary to activate the account and to do so you have to deposit money to guarantee the process. The amount they must deposit is usually around €100. Logically, it is a scam and they never receive that supposed prize.

How to avoid TikTok scams

The most important thing is the common sense. Do not fall into traps like this one that we have seen, or any other similar one in which they can offer you a prize. They are simply scams to steal money, personal data or control your devices. It is essential to avoid making mistakes and always review everything very well.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have the protected devices. Install a good antivirus to detect threats, in case you download a fraudulent file or program. You should also have everything updated and correct any vulnerabilities that may exist. The goal is to keep the device fully protected and not have problems.

In case you see a scam of this type, what you can do is report the account. This way, you can ensure that other people are protected and do not fall into the trap. Breaking the chain is key to gaining protection for everyone and preventing cybercriminals from obtaining data.

In short, you may have security problems if you use TikTok and fall into these types of traps. You should always be alert in case they send a fake link on social networks. The goal is to avoid falling into the trap and be protected at all times.

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