Why PLCs are devices that are very sensitive to interference

In order to have a better Internet connection, greater speed and stability, we can make use of different devices. One option is to have PLC devices. They are very useful to carry coverage from one place to another in the house. Now, sometimes they don’t work well. In this article we are going to explain why they are very sensitive devices and what you should avoid so as not to have problems when you use them.

PLCs are sensitive to interference

Normally these devices are made up of two devices: one you connect to the router and to an electrical outlet, while the other is plugged into another place in the house, to another outlet. Use the electrical wiring to carry the Internet signal to another area. But this is precisely what makes it more sensitive and problems may appear.


One of the reasons is when you connect it to electricity but you do it through a power strip. This is going to cause the quality of the connection to decrease, that you do not receive a good speed or that cuts even appear. It is common for us to connect them in this way and not dispense with a plug, but it is a mistake.

The ideal in this case would be to connect it to an isolated plug and never through a power strip or similar. This will help you achieve a good speed and reduce noise that can affect the connection. Without a doubt, it is something that you should keep in mind if you are going to install these devices in your home to improve the Wi-Fi connection.

devices nearby

Another reason why powerlines are very sensitive is when there are other appliances nearby. For example put them next to a television, computer or any electronic device. This will also generate noise and possible interference that will prevent the signal from traveling correctly from one place to another.

Once again, it is best to install the PLCs as isolated as possible. You should always have them in an area away from other electronic devices that may affect. In addition, some models have an integrated power connector to which you can plug other devices. This is also an error, since that could subtract power and make the connection worse.

cable in poor condition

It is also very sensitive to electrical wiring. If you use it in an old house, where the cables are deteriorated or old, you may have problems. Surely you do not take full advantage of the capacity of your PLC and you can see that the speed that reaches you is very limited or even cuts appear.

This can also happen if you connect other devices to the PLCs, such as a computer, and use a Ethernet cable that is in poor condition. For example if it is Fast Ethernet instead of Gigabit Ethernet, you would be limited to 100 Mbps and you would not be able to reach the maximum speed which would be 1 Gbps.

In short, as you have seen, there are different reasons why PLCs are very sensitive devices. You must take this into account if you are going to install them in your home in order to improve the Wi-Fi connection and really make the most of the available resources that it has.

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