Boosted Odds Explained and How Do They Work?

Odds Boost is the best promotional offer given by the sportsbook to keep the users on the platform for a longer duration. Also, the users get a chance to win more money within the same risk, which means it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Now, you may think about Odds Boost, its methodology, and ways to grab the same. Well, this article covers every element of Odds Boost, and the comprehensive information will help you to access this feature of sports betting effectively.

Boosted Odds

In sports betting, odds matter a lot, and as per the general trend, the favorite is marked as negative and the underdog as positive. Now, assume that if the favorite’s odds reached a positive value, you could imagine how much profit you can make after winning. So, this increase in odds is known as an odds boost and is done by the sportsbooks like Sbobet.

Let’s understand this concept ‘before and after the odds boost’ with a simple example.

Case I: Before Odds Boost

Suppose you place a bet of $50 on the favorite having odd -130, and if you win, then your winning amount will be [{100/130}x 50] = $38.46 (excluding the wager amount).

Case II: After Odds Boost

Assume that the sportsbook has increased the odds of a favorite and made it to +110, then your winning amount against a $50 bet will be [{110/100}x50] = $55 (excluding the wager amount).

After comparing the above two cases, you can figure out that the risk involved was $50, but in the case of Odds boost, you got more compared to the standard one. Now, let’s see the methodology of Boost Odds and the ways through which you can get the same.

Odds Boost- Methodology

The odds boost principle is very simple; the sportsbooks hike the payout in Moneyline or in point spread which helps the bettors to make more profit. In sports betting, the house makes a profit from your wagering amount, known as vig, and in odds boost, the sportsbooks eliminate the vig and do not charge any money from your bet. These all are the strategies played by the sportsbooks to attract more users.

Many Sportsbooks fix some wagering requirements against the odds boost, and if you want to grab that offer, you will have to fulfill the requirement. But the wagering requirement is not high; it generally lies in the range of $30-$100.

The sportsbooks understand the concept of boosted odds very well, so they hike the odds on the longest bets, which have minimum chances of winning. But boosted odds are a good deal for you as you are getting a chance to make more money on the same risk involved.

Boosted Odds And Arbitrage Betting

In sports betting, arbitrage betting is quite common, where a bettor places a bet on all the outcomes of an event with an intention to gain profit. For instance, if a match between Manchester United and Liverpool has odds of -180 and +150, respectively, and you placed the bets on both teams, then it is termed arbitrage betting.

Now, you are familiar with arbitrage betting, and you also know that boosted odds, hike the odds and using the same in arbitrage will give good profit. However, many experts said that this kind of betting is not good for the bankroll, but if you stand with the fixed wager, you can take a chance.

The Games Applicable For Boosted Odds

In general, every game is applicable for boosted odds, and it is upon the sportsbook to decide the odds boost for a particular game. But if you dive into the online sports betting world, you will find many sportsbooks offers boosted odds wagers for parlays, futures, and props. So, if you are comfortable, you can go for the boosted odds.

Time To Hunt For The Boosted Odds

Now, you are familiar with the term Boosted Odds and its methodology, so you must move one step ahead to know where you can access this sports betting feature. In general, most sportsbooks provide this promotional offer, and you just need to land on the page of the selected sportsbook and then look in the menu section. However, most sportsbooks feature the boosted odds icon at the top of the page, so you won’t feel any problem hunting this feature.

Furthermore, some sportsbooks keep different names for boosted odds; in that case, you don’t have to get confused; just click on it and read all the features, including terms and conditions of odds boost.

Will Boosted Odds be beneficial for you?

Sports betting is a business where everyone associated with this industry is for money. The sportsbooks are also in the race to make money, and they will utilize the opportunity to grab your money, and for that, some will eliminate the vig while others may provide odds boost for the certain betting system, such as prop where you will get a chance to bet on a player and a team, in that case, you won’t be able to make more money.

It is always said that not every odds boost is beneficial, so you will have to pick the one which best suits your requirement; never be in a hurry to grab such a promotional offer. Furthermore, before choosing the boosted odds, make sure to check the standard odds too. Also, ensure to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions of the sportsbooks so that you can make money efficiently.

Bottom Line

Boosted Odds offers the fairest opportunity to the bettors to make money. It is because they get a chance to place a bet on which the risk is involved, just like the standard one. So, if you win the bet, you will get a good profit. But as you know where the money is involved, the risk is more. So you must consider every parameter of boosted odds mentioned in the article to place a safe bet and enjoy the winning.

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