PlayStation: Sony is about to create its own “Game Pass” to be launched in 2022

Apparently Sony would be working on creating its own version of the Game Pass, the subscription service dedicated to Xbox owners that has always been the strong point of Microsoft’s gaming offer and has allowed the American console to “keep up” with the higher sales of PlayStation.

It seems that the time is now ripe for the Japanese giant so that it can make available to its users a service similar to that of its rival Microsoft, making its subscriptions evolve PlayStation Plus And PlayStation Now.

A Game Pass for PlayStation is coming

According to a Bloomberg report, this Sony-signed Game Pass is codenamed “Spartacus” and will allow PlayStation owners to more easily access games that have come to Japanese consoles in the past.

Spartacus is expected to launch in early 2022, incorporating existing PlayStation subscription services with PS Now that will eventually be retired, while the PS Plus branding will remain.

How will the new PlayStation service work?

As for the functioning of the service Bloomberg reports that there will be three different types of subscriptions. The former will be the equivalent of the current PlayStation Plus, the latter would give subscribers access to a number of titles other than those for PS4 and PS5.

The third, the top and most expensive subscription in Sony’s offering, would give subscribers access to a number of PlayStation games from the past – the report says PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games should all be included. all included. Additionally, this third tier would allow subscribers to play certain demos of upcoming titles.

What is the Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass, a paid service to which Xbox and PC owners can subscribe that has always proved to be central and winning for the Redmond house. The service gives you access to a rich catalog of free games for consoles and PCs that are constantly updated – also containing backwards compatible titles for Xbox 360.

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