Building A Castle In Minecraft

Hello to all game lovers.  People of all ages are familiar with one of the most popular games in the world.  Let me describe it and you should be able to guess what the story is about.  So.  Let’s start.  This series of games appeared in 2009 thanks to the Swedish developer.  And soon it became the most discussed and famous game in the world.  Every school child and adult, every child and his parents has heard about it more than once and even tried to play it. 

This is a world classic of all games.  What is the meaning of this mysterious game?  First of all, you have to build many different structures.  Here your imagination is completely free.  You can build the most unusual or vice versa standard houses.  To do this, you need to extract and create materials.  You have the opportunity to play with your friends!  Also, the very interest of the game lies in the fact that with the onset of night, monsters begin to appear, with which you can fight or hide from them in the house, waiting for the end of the night.

Now I will give the most regular clues by listing the names of these monsters.  An enderman is a creature in the image of a slenderman.  He is neutral towards you until you look at him.  When you kill this anti-hero, you can get a rare material.

 Creeper is a green monster that consists of several blocks.  They are quite dangerous because they explode and this can lead to your death or to the destruction of the structure that you have erected. Well, yes, you probably understood at the beginning of the description that this is Minecraft!  Indeed, the most popular cult game, on the basis of which cartoons and even Lego-type toys are produced, allows you to build not only in the game itself, but also in life.  The distinguishing feature of this game is its design.  The whole world of this game consists of blocks.

So, today we will get acquainted with how to create a castle in minecraft.  No matter what goal you pursue from the game, believe me, building a castle should be the number one goal.  Why?  It’s super fun, you throw out all your imagination and just imagine you will erect a majestic building right in the middle of the village!

Before that, make sure to get a cheap minecraft account!

Why a castle?  It’s so long!  Believe me, it’s long, but at the same time super exciting and the lock guarantees the protection of what you have extracted such as valuable minerals or food.

Let’s learn what materials are needed for construction.  In principle, use anything, but if there is a goal to create something especially durable, then we suggest using stone blocks or cobblestones.  Obsidian is also great.

The building can have a variety of drawings and diagrams.  It all depends on what kind of castle you want to see.  But of course, it’s better to do it according to an already existing image, since you are building a real building and it will essentially turn out to be complex in its design, so it’s normal for an ordinary player to follow the scheme.  For a concrete understanding of volumes, many people want to hear a specific number of blocks.  This question cannot be answered unambiguously.

A mini castle can cost you 1500-2000 blocks.  But it’s really not a big building.  A really decent castle will cost you 15,000 blocks. If you are seriously puzzled by this question and you understand that you are only at the start of your gaming career and 15,000 blocks can be an unbearable amount, then there is a solution!  Gamesrift is the solution to this problem!  Favorable prices and quality assurance is what this company offers!  every self-respecting gamer knows that it is there that you can buy all the most valuable things for a full-fledged game

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