By the way, why is Zoom called Zoom?

When a little children’s book becomes an inspiration to find a name for Zoom, one of the largest video conferencing platforms in the world.

The Zoom platform was not always called that. A long time ago, before it established itself as one of the essential solutions for holding videoconferences during a period of confinement, it was under another identity that it presented itself: Saasbee. This name certainly did not last very long. In February 2012, ten months after its creation, in April 2011, Zoom replaced Saasbee.

But, why Zoom? Is this a nod to a feature included in the service? Or the ability to magnify with a camera? In fact, the explanation is much more surprising than that. In a post on Medium, Jim Scheinman, cousin of Dan Scheinman, who is a board member of Zoom, says it has to do with… a children’s book!

A children’s book inspired the name Zoom

Jim Scheinman, who has already had the opportunity to meet Eric Yuan, the founder and boss of Zoom, as early as 2011, explains that he made the name suggestion after being influenced by one of his children’s reading. The work in question is called Zoom City, by American author Thacher Hurd. Published in 1998, it features on the cover two small dogs driving a car in town at night.

For active toddlers exploring their world, this energetic book bursts with the loud sounds kids love to emulate. Tut! Tut! Beep! Beep! Zoom City moves with cars – and dogs! – moving. Active toddlers busy exploring their world will love this energetic book filled with loud sounds they love to emulate ”, We read in the description written by the author, on his website.

Zoom City
Who would have thought that a little children’s book would become the inspiration for one of the biggest video conferencing platforms in the world? // Source: Thacher Hurd

Jim Scheinman therefore says that his ” most satisfying contribution at the time was to convince Eric to change the original name they had at the time, to a name that[il savait] perfect for his vision: Zoom He writes. A footnote attributed to Eric Yuan indicates that he fully recognizes Jim Scheinman’s role in choosing this name and, more generally, in helping society.

One of my children’s favorite children’s books, which I read to them over and over again, was Zoom City », He says. ” I loved this fun little book as much as my children, and hoped to use this name someday for the perfect company that would embody the same values ​​of creativity, exploration, happiness and trust. He adds, suggesting that these same virtues are found in Zoom.

And that name fits perfectly with a product that visually connects us to each other and still works so fast and seamlessly. With Eric’s start-up, that’s exactly what I found. I had the Zoom name in reserve for a long time, and I am very grateful to Eric for trusting me to help him name his company. », He concludes.

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