Can Alexa’s voice be changed?

With the amount of time it took for many computers to communicate with their users through voice and, suddenly, in the last 20 years all kinds of systems have proliferated that do it precisely through commands that do not need to be read on screen, but just listen. The first? Remember those old GPS for cars that talked and talked without stopping while they told you which exit to take at a roundabout.

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Different voices, why?

Already in those days the GPS of TomTom, Garmin, etc., they came with voices for different languages, depending on the country in which we lived. In our case, Spain, we normally had two alternatives, one with a male voice and the other with a female voice. There were even specific versions of Spanish for Mexico and other areas with which to customize the responses of the device.

The same thing happens with Alexa. By default, that famous voice appears that we only have to close our eyes to hear it, but it is true that after using it so much, and listening to it on all the Echo Dot and Show that you have been able to use, it becomes repetitive and the body asks Let’s change it. We can do it? Well, we have good and bad news: yes it is possible to change the voice of Alexa, but it is not available in Spanish and at the moment we do not have an approximate release date. a pity

Now, is this an irreversible process? The answer is no and, furthermore, if we decide to do so, the voice will be automatically modified on any Alexa device connected with our Amazon ID or, if we prefer, on those we select. So keep that in mind because this is not a minor change if you have several Echo Dot speakers, or Echo Show screens, and even the occasional Fire TV Stick where we can ask the virtual assistant to give us a hand when playing a movie or a series.

Let’s change Alexa’s voice (English only)

The process is not complicated and we have two different options. One is very simple since it has to do with tell Alexa directly to make that voice changeand another a bit longer (not much), where the official application comes into play and that gives you more control over what you are going to do.

In case you want to do it with a voice command (in English), you simply have to go to the device where you are going to change it and tell it:

  • “Alexa, change your voice.”

If you choose to do it through the application, then the process is as follows:

  • Enter the official Alexa application on your mobile device.
  • Go to the option Devices.
  • Choose All devices and later choose the one you want to modify.
  • Choose Setting and, inside the menu Generaltap on Alexa’s voice.
  • Now it only remains to decide between the voices Original either New.

If you had configured the assistant with the Original voice you will have to change it to the New one if you want to enjoy the changes, or vice versa, if you have been with the other voice for a while and you have realized that you miss the one of all life . The one that is always recognized as the one that gives life to Alexa since practically November 2014, although, for now, if you use the assistant in Spanish you will have to wait for this update to arrive.

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