Can You Play WoW on Ultrawide Monitor?

World of Warcraft [WoW] is one of the most popular games played by more than 120 million players. It was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. With the passage of the, it’s become popular among the people who love to play games online.

To get the full experience of the game, you need to use a computer with a high configuration and make sure that the computer screen is wide enough. In that case, you can use Ultrawide Monitor to play the game. And on mobile phones, even with the low configuration, you can download the Blue chip app and enjoy your favorite casino games.

There is a group of people who are still in confusion about whether they can play the World of Warcraft game on Ultrawide or not. I want to assure them that the Ultrawide monitor is the best selection for playing games, multitasking, and automatic image scaling.

However, in this write-up, I have demonstrated, Can You Play WoW on Ultrawide Monitor or not, why you should go for Ultrawide for gaming, how games look on this type of monitor, and many more. So, stay with us & keep reading.

What Are Ultrawide Monitors?

Before knowing whether you can play WoW on Ultrawide monitors or not, you have to know what Ultrawide monitors are.

In simple words, the Ultra Wide monitors come with a 21:9 aspect ratio rather than the regular monitor screen ratio of 16:9.

If you are unfamiliar with the ratio, it is similar to the typical screens of movie theaters. You can distinguish them because of their widescreens, the most obvious indicators.

They come with some common features. In the table below, we have listed those features that tell you why they are different from traditional monitors.

IPS Panel
HDR Compatibility
WQHD + Resolution [3840 x 1600]
Frameless Bezel
SRGB 99%
Delta E ; 2 Color Reliability
Hardware Color Adjustment

Can You Play WoW on Ultrawide Monitors?

The straightforward answer to the question is YES! You can play WoW on Ultrawide monitors without confronting any complications, and it is considered one of the best monitors for world of warcraft.

The benefit of playing the game on Ultrawide is that you’ll have a better field of view [FoV.] Besides, it is better to multitask on Ultrawide’s large screen.

Suppose you are playing the game, and in the middle of playing the game, you have got an email to accomplish a task instantly. In that case, you can complete the task without closing your gaming window.

In addition, the Ultrawide monitor comes with a stylish curved design that enables you to see more of your games and components. You can’t suffer from screen edges you usually face while playing games on regular monitors. 

Is Ultrawide Monitor a Magnificent Inclination For Most PC Games?

One of the most incredible features of an Ultrawide monitor is its screen aspect ratio, no matter what size or resolution it holds. The Ultrawide monitors always come with a 21:9 aspect ratio; some even go bigger. It is bigger than typical monitors’ thus; you can see more games on the screen.

People who love to play games online always prefer purchasing Ultrawide monitors instead of HDTV. Why? This question may come to your mind as you can purchase a 55–inch HDTV for the price of 34-inch Ultrawide monitors.

Because a large display always does not confer the best experience, sometimes the end game perspective remains tied to a 16.9 ratio of what you’ll experience on a larger screen. Regarding this, an Ultrawide with its mentioned ratio provides a wider perspective. You will see more to the right and left than on a regular monitor with a 16:9 ratio.

An Ultrawide monitor is the best in games that focus on an immersive experience of the advantages of seeing as much information as possible.

How To Choose The Best Ultrawide Monitor for Gaming

If you love to play games and want an Ultrawide monitor for gaming, you have to consider several important points I have described below.

1. Workplace Efficiency

You can’t ignore the Ultrawide view of these monitors. It comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio screen that requires more space to set on your desk. You also have to keep in mind that it fits from both heights and angles when you are sitting in your gaming chair.

Because of the length of these monitors, most are curved to make them more charming for gaming, particularly for racing and simulation games where you are in a cockpit, for instance.

It is recommended to look for a monitor while purchasing that can easily be adjustable and meet your eye view. Besides, ensure you’ll have the best position for seeing the monitor’s content.

2. Size

This is a vital thing you must consider while purchasing a monitor. For an Ultrawide monitor, size matters most. First, you have to decide how much space you want the monitor to take up on your desk.

In some situations, you may need to bring a new table to set up the monitor if you’re small. We prefer choosing a 30-inch Ultrawide monitor for gaming that will fit your desk and won’t take up much space.

You can choose a 50-inch monitor as well, depending on your available space on your desk and your budget. So, look for a size that will work best for your surroundings, not your own.

3. Resolution

If you want to purchase a monitor, especially for gaming purposes, you must consider the resolution of a monitor. In that case, I recommend choosing a monitor with a resolution of 3440 x 1440, which is best for gaming, according to some prominent gamers who use Ultrawide monitors.

You have to consider the refresh rate of a monitor here. It summarizes how frequently an image appears on a screen per second. Games’ smoother look depends on the refresh rate. So, if you see a display with 120Hz, as long as they support this, you will be able to play at 120 frames per second.

4. Budget

This is another thing that you have to consider as well. Remember that an Ultrawide monitor will cost you much more than a regular monitor. You may have to spend at least $600-$700. You can get a discount if you purchase from an online site like Amazon during Balck Friday or Christmas Day. So decide how much budget you have, and then purchase one depending on it.

Final Thought

You will be up to play World Warcraft on Ultrawide monitor without having any issues. It will give you the best experience to play the game on a large screen; thus, you will see much more information on the screen.

The Ultrawide monitor has a 21:9 screen ratio, much more than a typical monitor. Besides that, it comes with a high resolution display. Because of this, you can experience the smooth looks of your games.

So, if you are a person who loves to play WoW, you can go for an Ultrawide monitor without thinking a second time to have a better gaming experience.

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