Celebrate Halloween by dressing up with Snapchat’s augmented reality filters, we tell you how

The spookiest season of the year has arrived, Halloween, and to enjoy it to the fullest, the Snapchat video app has cooked up multiple surprises inspired by the season, including full body lenses, costumes for their Bitmoji Avatars and a terrifying Snap map to celebrate it in the most fun and special way available to starting today.

Terrifying Augmented Reality Glasses

With these fun lenses you will be able to change your appearance thanks to the Snap technology that tracks the full body and transforms it (Human body mesh and Body morphing).

1.- Halloween would not be the same without the classic werewolf, and Snapchatters will have the opportunity to experience a virtual metamorphosis with the “Werewolf” Lens. Scan this code or click here to try it.

2.- Halloween ghosts, but fashionable. Using upper garment segmentation technology, Snap has created a Ghostly Lens so trendy that it deserves a moment on the runway – say hello to “Spooky Fashion.” Scan this code or click here to try it.

3.- You already have more than planned your Halloween costume, but decorating your house is out of reach? Do not worry! Thanks to Snap’s technology, we transport Snapchatters to the haunted house of their nightmares. “Haunted House” is the creepiest Lens of the season. * Scan this code or click here to try it.

In addition to Body Lenses, Snapchat has innovated in technology to transform the face, giving Snapchatters unique makeup and mask effects to create Halloween-themed Snaps. Starting today you can find on the Snapchat carousel Lenses such as “Butterfly Surprise”, “Cute Cyclops”, “Devilish Smile”, “Spooky Spiders” and “Vampire Cat”, which will give a terrifying and fun touch to your content.

Dress up your Bitmoji: How to change the outfit?

There is also news for your Bitmoji avatar, costumes are back! Snapchatters eagerly await the arrival of new designs every year, and this Halloween we have launched six different proposals, including a fairy, a witch, a clown, a ballerina, an angel and a devil; as well as three new festive t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring pumpkins and skeletons.

  • From Snapchat: tap your profile in the upper left corner.
  • Under “Bitmoji”, tap “Change Outfit” which will open the Avatar Designer.
  • Choose your favorite look and voila!

Spooky Snap Map

The Snapchatters they will be able to see where their friends are and take a look at their Bitmoji costumes directly on the Snap Map. Plus, they can plan their trick-or-treating routes with the special edition (for a limited time). Remember that you can always be in control of who can see your location. Click on the settings menu in the upper corner of your screen to share your location with your chosen friends or switch to ghost mode to “disappear”.

How to find Snapchat Lenses?

These and other seasonal lenses will be available in the Lens Explorer vacation category or on the carousel starting today, October 21.

To open the Lens Explorer, click on the “Explore” section when the lens carousel is active. Or if you’re on a mobile device, tap here to go directly to the Lens Explorer category.

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