Celeritas customer service: telephone, contact and support email

Celeritas is a company that for some years has been acting as an intermediary between various commercial establishments (stores, gas stations, shops … ) and certain trading platforms (Wallapop, eBay, Amazon …) to receive shipments from private users, also known as Puntos Celeritas. Like any third party company, Celeritas has a complete customer service system to deal with incidents and doubts from the various clients of the service. On this occasion we have compiled all these ways to contact the Celeritas customer service .

Celeritas telephone number (902)

Unlike other transport companies and / or intermediaries, Celeritas only offers a paying customer service number based on a 902 line whose cost is considerably higher than that of a line with a national prefix. The number in question is 902 04 49 44 .

Is there a free phone number for Celeritas? The truth is that no, although according to the law after the reform of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the company is obliged to offer customers a telephone line with a national prefix .

Email address of Celeritas

Celeritas has a public email address to which we can refer to to resolve any type of incident. The address in question is the following:

  • hello@celeritastransporte.com

Celeritas contact form

The Celeritas website has a contact form to which we can Access only if we have the order reference number. Simply access the following web page and click on the Others section, where a search box will be displayed in which we will have to paste the tracking code to enable the Celeritas contact form.

Celeritas social networks (Twitter and Facebook)

The The last way we can resort is based on the different social profiles that the company makes available to customers through Twitter.

  • Twitter : @ATC_Celeritas

Customer service hours are from 10:00 to 18:00.

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