CES 2022: Samsung commits to manufacturing its TVs from recycled materials by 2025

During CES 2022, Samsung showcased many upcoming devices. In addition, the manufacturer has made a commitment to manufacture its televisions and household appliances from recycled materials by 2025. A policy that will also apply to the brand’s mobile and audio division.

Credit: Samsung

As you know, CES 2022, the Las Vegas show dedicated to consumer electronics, has just opened on January 5, 2022. Of course, Samsung could not miss the event, and the South Korean firm has already presented a handful of products to come soon. The brand unveiled The Premiere, the very first 4K video projector with HDR10 +, and The Freestyle, a mobile mini-projector with great potential.

But this time, it is not a new product, but a commitment announced by the manufacturer. Indeed, the South Korean firm has decided to extend to its TV and household appliances division the measures taken to mitigate their ecological impact. More precisely, Samsung is committed to making its TVs and appliances from recycled materials by 2025.

To achieve this, the manufacturer intends in particular to develop recycled plastics in products and packaging and to join forces with companies such as Patagonia to reduce the impact of microplastics in the oceans and the environment. So and if we go into detail, Samsung will drastically increase the amount of recycled plastics in its products.

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Samsung takes advantage of CES to reiterate its ecological commitment

For example, washing machine tub components will be made using recycled lunch boxes and anti-covid mask straps. The brand’s vacuum cleaners and air purifiers will soon arrive packaged in eco-packaging, that is, materials that have been used before. Samsung also said at CES that it wanted its televisions and phone chargers display near zero power consumption when in standby.

Still on smartphones, the company is also committed to eliminating single-use plastic from the boxes of its phones by 2025. The equipment manufacturer Patagonia will be there to help. “We must build together for tomorrow. It is a future that we must build together ”, assures JH Han, head of Samsung Electronics.

Source: Cnet

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