ChatHub, an interesting aggregator of chatbots

Of the latest tools related to artificial intelligence that I have tried, I must say that I found ChatHub one of the most interesting, not because of its current functions, but mainly because of those that it promises to integrate in the future. So much so that, although logically I will remain attentive to its evolution, I think it makes sense to recommend it in these early moments of its development, since that can also contribute to its evolution.

In a very quick definition, ChatHub brings together the main chatbots in a single browser window, Google Chrome: ChatGPT, Bing, Bard and Claude. Thus, although the concept is the same as that already found in Poe, in this case we find some models that are not present in the Quora solution. In favor of the latter is, of course, the possibility of customizing the bots, something that we did not find in this case.

There is another important aspect of ChatHub that is also necessary to highlight, and that is that use your accounts to access these services. That is, you will have to be logged in to them (or in Poe, in the case of Claude) to be able to use them. This is very important at this point, since although it allows queries to be made to Bard, the Google service, this function will not be available until we have access to it.

By far, what I liked most about ChatHub is its All-In-One view, in which we can send the same query, simultaneously, to several chatbots. At the moment this view integrates ChatGPT and Bing, but its developers promise to include more chatbots in it in the future, at least for premium accounts. That is precisely the point that makes me recommend it, since being able to use the same prompt with several models and compare their results in a single view, I find it most promising.

ChatHub is a free extension for Google Chrome, which has a premium mode that can currently be contracted for life for $15. That, and I have to clarify this at this point, is not a purchase recommendation, since it is still early enough to jump into the pool, and even more so considering that it depends on our personal access to said services. However, if the arrival of the functions that its developers advance is fulfilled, it can become such an interesting tool that it does justify the investment in premium mode.

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