Check if you have fake emails in your database

Spam is one thing we have to take seriously. Those spam emails that are received produce frustration, waste of time and stress for those who receive them. It must also be taken into account for those who send them, because they can affect them negatively if they do not take the appropriate measures. If we are the owner of a website or a company, what we will never want is for our emails to be sent to false or non-existent addresses. Therefore, if things are not done properly, our emails can end up in the recipient’s Spam folder. In this article we are going to see how you can check if you have fake emails in your database thanks to Mailboxlayer.

Fake emails ending as spam

When we have to send a lot of emails, it is possible that false emails are sneaked in that in the long run can end up harming us. This can have negative consequences for the website or company that makes them, because then fixing things costs more. In the end these e-mails will end up in the Spam folder. As we usually do not check our spam folder, the opening of these emails will be greatly reduced. Therefore that information or marketing campaign that is launched will end up failing without any doubt. In that sense, it may be interesting to know why emails arrive as spam if they are not.

For this reason, before sending these e-mails, it is advisable to verify all the e-mail addresses in our database to identify and eliminate the false ones. On this occasion, to protect ourselves from these false emails, we can use the Mailboxlayer API.

What Mailboxlayer offers us

Mailboxlayer We can define it as a JSON API based on REST, easy to use and that will allow us to verify the deliverability and quality of email addresses using its database. Thanks to this API we can quickly verify email IDs by checking their syntax, typographical errors and spelling. It also uses a variety of technologies, including SMTP checks along with filtering different types of mail to eliminate fake emails. In addition, it offers a numerical score that reflects the quality of each email address.

The purpose of Mailboxlayer is the validation and verification of any email address. For this we are going to use its provider database that is updated daily and that separates free emails (Gmail, Yahoo!), from temporary ones and also from real domains. Regarding the security of the API, to guarantee a secure and encrypted data sending is done through HTTPS.

What you are going to offer us is a bulk email address and syntax check. In addition, it allows us to distinguish a temporary email that will expire after a while and will assign a numerical quality score that goes from 0 to 1.

How can we use Mailboxlayer

If you want to know this service you can know and use it through its website by clicking here. In this case, it should be noted that it has several usage plans, one of them is free but it has quite a few limitations. The free plan would allow us to make 100 API requests per month and has limited technical support along with real-time SMTP. The first thing we should do is register on their website by clicking on the following link. Then you would have to make a configuration according to whether we use the JSON or JavaScript format whose documentation you have here.

With Mailboxlayer we find a service that will help us to check if we have false emails in our database that could harm us in the long run.

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