Check this to know if your Google account has been hacked

Any account you have on the Internet can be hacked. For example, social networks, e-mail, online stores… However, there are certain services that may be more sensitive, since we store more personal information there or they are linked to other platforms. That is the case of Google, where we can use the cloud, email, services like YouTube… Everything is linked. In this article we are going to talk about what you should look for to know if your google account has been hacked.

What tells us that the Google account has been attacked

The computer attacks they can be very varied. We can suffer the theft of information or passwords through Phishing attacks, through a keylogger, fake application, a vulnerability that has not been corrected… Hackers will have a wide range of options and therefore it is always a good idea to know if they have hacked the Google account.

wrong password

The first and most obvious thing is that you try sign in to your google account and see that the password does not work. You come across a message indicating that there is an error and that you are entering the wrong key. You know that the password you are entering is really the correct one, but even so you see that it does not enter.

That can clearly indicate that your Google account may have been hacked. Someone has stolen the password and changed it. Therefore, you should always protect the Google account and avoid intruders.

You receive alerts from Google

Another sign that your Google account may have been hacked is when you receive a warning message. Normally, when you log in to a strange device or network, Google sends a notification saying that it has detected a suspicious login. This is very useful to verify that something like this could have happened.

So if you suddenly see a suspicious Google login alert coming to you and it wasn’t you, it’s most likely due to an intrusion. Perhaps someone has stolen your password and was able to log into your account without your permission.

Strange session history

You can always enter google login history. This will inform you when and from where your account has been logged in. If you see that there is some strange location or simply logged in many times and you have not been, that will indicate that someone has been able to access your account.

In the session history you will see information such as the IP address from which the session was started, the type of device or operating system. Your logins will appear, but also the possible ones that an intruder has made.

changes to your account

Has there been any change in your account? You may see that in the setting Some parameters have been changed. For example, account information, devices appearing that you have not added, or any changes that show that someone has entered the settings and modified them without being you.

This is also a clue that your Google account may have been hacked. If you find yourself in this situation, you should take action as soon as possible to prevent them from stealing data or taking control of the account.

read emails

One more sign is if you see that your gmail emails have been read. If you enter the account and see open emails or even some that you have not sent, it is clear proof that someone has been able to enter without your permission and has started looking for emails and that has been able to put your privacy at risk.

However, this must be taken with tweezers; It is very easy to open an email and later mark it as unread. But in case an intruder doesn’t take that into account and overlooks it, it’s one more clue you can analyze.

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