Automating this is what will save the most on your electricity bill

Automate the air or heating and save on the bill

Undoubtedly, two of the devices that consume the most in a home are the air conditioning and heating. It is true that there are more current models that need less energy to function, but even so they can represent a very important part of the bill each month, be it air conditioning in summer or heating in winter.

But how can we take advantage of home automation and save energy when using them? You should keep in mind that the more you use the air or heating, the more you will consume. But also, the fact of turning them off and on can cause that consumption to increase since they would have to recover the temperature. By domotizing them, you can choose when they turn off or on, at what temperature, etc.

For example, you can install a smart thermostat to automate the heating. You can set it to turn off when it reaches a certain temperature or program it to only work at certain times. Surely you do not need it to be always on and you can take advantage to save. Also, if you are going to get home and you want it to have a good temperature, you can turn on the heating remotely a while before you arrive. Better that than leaving it on.

Something similar can be achieved with air conditioning. you can even use smart plugs to domotize an old air. You can turn it on or off remotely. Very useful if you have left it on because you thought you would get home in a few minutes and in the end you are going to be late or if you want to turn it on while you are away so that the house can warm up.

temperature with home automation

A smart plug, the ideal option

You can directly buy a smart air conditioner or have a home heating system. However, you can also simply choose use plugs with Wi-Fi. You will be able to connect that air conditioning or a stove or radiator to them. Remotely, without the need for you to be at home, you will be able to control them.

Some plug options with Wi-Fi:

These smart plugs will connect to the Wi-Fi network and you can control them from a mobile application. You can turn the air on or off even if you are away from home, for example. Of course, you will not be able to raise or lower the temperature. For this, you will have to have an intelligent air conditioner that allows this option.

Therefore, for the basics such as turning the air or heating off and on, a smart plug is an ideal option because it is economical and easy to use. If you want more options, in that case you will have to make a greater investment to be able to better manage the temperature.

In short, as you can see, automating these common household appliances in your home can be very useful to save on your electricity bill. If you want to pay less each month, controlling the air conditioning and heating is essential. You can always use a simple smart plug in many cases.

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