Chrome is now much faster, check that you have this version

Having a good Internet speed, to open pages quickly, download files or use the cloud, is essential. But not only the speed you hire will be key, but also what programs you use. In that sense, Google Chrome It has become one of the fastest browsers in recent years. In fact, speed has increased a lot. Now, what should you take into account to know if you are really taking advantage of these improvements? We explain how to find out.

According to the latest reports from Chromium, your Google Chrome browser is now 10% faster if we compare it with a few months ago. They have made different adjustments to achieve this, such as optimizing the performance of JavaScript. This affects both the computer version, as well as mobile.

Having Chrome updated is essential

But in order to take advantage of these improvements in Google Chrome, it is essential to have the updated browser. Specifically, from Chromium they indicate that these measurements have been made by comparing version 109 with version 112. It is essential that you have the latest version installed, since only then can you benefit from this type of improvement.

In addition, having the browser correctly updated will also help you keep safe. You will avoid problems, since in the event of failures, a hacker could exploit them. Hence, you should always keep the latest versions of any program you install on your devices.

How can you see what version of Chrome you have? It is very simple. You simply have to go to the menu at the top right, click on Help and you will Google Chrome Information. The version you have installed will automatically appear. In case you had an old one, it will start updating automatically.

As you can see in the image that we put up, the version of Google Chrome installed is 112. That means that it is updated to the latest available stable version. In the future, when version 113 is released, it will usually update automatically. If there are any problems, you can simply install it manually by going right there.

Prepare your browser

On the other hand, having a good speed in Google Chrome is not only having the latest version. There are other factors that you should take into account. For example, you must control extensions what do you install The quantity matters, since the more you have, the more resources they will consume; but also what they are. It is important to monitor this, as an add-on that may seem safe could actually cause your browser to malfunction.

you should also manage open tabs well. This will make a website load faster or take longer. It will depend on your system resources, too. Avoid having many tabs open that you don’t need. That will help make the browser work more stable and reduce the risk of problems.

In addition, it is key to maintain security. In case Chrome has some kind of adware, which can be annoying bars or messages that appear, that could result in the speed going down. You should always check that everything works correctly and not make mistakes.

As you can see, Google Chrome is now faster. You should make sure you have the latest version installed in order to take advantage of these changes. Sometimes it is convenient to clear the stored data of a site in Chrome to make it work better, in case there is a failure.

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