Coffee Traders: a new “aroma” on Giochistarter

It is taking place on the portal of GamesX for crowdfunding Giochistarter the campaign for the realization of the new edition, completely in Italian, of board game Coffee Traders.

Let’s discover the aroma of this new title that we can support the production of.

Coffee Traders, a new aroma on Giochistarter

Coffee Traders is a board game for 2 to 5 players, of great complexity and duration: a game takes between 120 and 150 minutes. The original publishing house is Capstone Games; the authors Rolf Sagel And André Spil.

The game is set from 1970 to 1985, when the burgeoning focus on more responsible consumption began to have a major impact on the lives of many small farmers. In particular, in Coffee Traders we will lead companies based in Antwerp, Belgium, engaged in the importation of coffee from the developing regions of the world, but not only.

As a fair trade company, our aim is not only profit, but also the improvement of the quality of life of small producers, which we will help to form cooperatives, build the production infrastructure and, in short, sell their coffee at more advantageous conditions. . The game is developed in 3 rounds, each of which covers a period of five years, and divided into 6 different phases.

The minimum objective for financing the second edition, with revised regulation, has already been achieved; will arrive in Italian with GiochiX (Lincoln, Tiny Epic Galaxies) for the first time. The cost to participate in the crowdfunding campaign is 99.95 euros, but very few copies are still available with an additional 10 euros discount for the fastest coffee merchants to grab them. Let’s talk about a title with over 650 components!

The game is expected to arrive in Italy around September 2021, while the opportunity to participate in the campaign will close on December 30th.

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