Companies seek flexibility and security in cloud communications

Small businesses have many priorities on their minds, but in all of them technology appears in one form or another. In this sense, SMEs use cloud communications to gain flexibility and security.

A study by NFON confirms precisely this reality. Two-thirds of companies use a cloud solution for (unified) communication in the hope that it will allow them greater flexibility and better security.

The functions most used by companies are conferences (67%), video telephony (64%) or messaging (62%). While communication tools are undeniably used by companies, their full potential is rarely used. The lack of knowledge or training of the personnel, the organizational culture or the reorganization of internal workflows are some of the obstacles.

Furthermore, only 38% of the companies surveyed consider that the conferences meet their needs. The situation for workgroup applications is even worse, with less than a third of those surveyed being really satisfied. It is only possible to speculate on the reasons: IT infrastructure, range of functions, processes, usability, training, culture and mindset of users are relevant aspects of this assessment.

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SMEs, every day more in the cloud

The study confirms that 55% of SMEs use some UCaaS tool, a percentage below the business average but which shows that they are solutions that help them in their business, but not at any price or with any functionality.

NFON’s Cloudya platform offers a simple interface to make learning fast, with a geo-redundant infrastructure to avoid failures and a cost system without surprises and predictable month by month.


In addition, it is flexible and independent so that it can be used on any device and thus achieve the autonomy that employees need. The solution also has different functionalities adapted to verticals.

In short, Cloudya from NFON has everything you need to build a flexible and secure corporate communication strategy. Who gives more?

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