Consulting Barometer 2022: x-ray of the sector, in Spain

A few days ago, the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting company took advantage of the fair accountexheld in Madrid, to present the results of its Counseling Barometer 2022. It is a complete x-ray of the current situation of the sector that aims to become a benchmark for the analysis of future trends that will mark the business model for the coming years.

Some of the main conclusions are:

  • 60% of consultancies consider that digitization is key to guaranteeing their competitiveness.
  • Only 45.2% of those surveyed use cloud solutions, while 77.1% use software installed in the office.
  • The technological evolution of the firm requires trained professionals and excellent talent management.
  • 74.4% of professional firms have increased their number of clients compared to the previous year and 58% have increased their billing over the past year.
  • the deal personalizedtrust and proximity to its customers constitute its differentiation strategy against the competition.

The results of the Consultancy Barometer 2022 are complemented by the opinion of leading experts who exhaustively analyze the context and challenges of the sector. Specialists who have collaborated on the report include: Carmen Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, and executives of the CEOE, the General Council of Colleges of Social Graduates, the General Council of Economists and AMETIC.

Consulting trends

In addition, the Barometer offers a decalogue of trends that will mark the business model for the coming years:

  1. The digital transformation, which has gone from being an option to becoming a necessity.
  2. Innovation and technology as levers for change.
  3. The transition to the cloud as a present and future requirement.
  4. Adaptation to the requirements of the public administration.
  5. Adaptation to customer needs.
  6. Improve the relationship with the agents with whom the advisor interacts (clients, public bodies, financial institutions…) through the collaborative model.
  7. Offer new services to remain competitive.
  8. Guarantee better talent management through training, recruitment and retention.
  9. Adapt to the requirements of the company of the 21st century to lead the competitiveness of the sector.
  10. Evolve the figure of the specialized adviser to become a global business consultant.

Tomas FontManaging Director of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting, has highlighted that “The Barometer offers key considerations that reflect the concerns of the sector and that can be summarized in three concepts: technology, services and talent. From Wolters Kluwer we want to contribute with this publication to continue working directly with our customers, understanding their needs and addressing the rapid changes in their environment and how we can help them”.

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