Copy the text of any image and pass it to Word with these programs

Surely on more than one occasion we have taken a photograph of a document or a text and later we have been forced to manually extract the text to a text document, losing valuable time that we can use in other tasks. The solution to this problem is to use character recognition programsprograms known as OCR for its acronym in English.

On the Internet, we can find a large number of programs of this type, programs that we can download to our computer or we can use web versions so as not to take up space on the hard drive if the use that we are going to give it is very sporadic.

PDF element

PDFelement is an interesting alternative to the almighty Adobe Acrobat. Not only can we edit and modify files in this format, but it also allows us to recognize the text of both images and PDF files to later edit in other applications. This app is compatible with more than 20 languagesperforms the entire process locally, so an internet connection is not necessary and our data will never leave our computer, making it ideal for recognizing images with personal data.

OCR PDF element

PDFelement is available for Windows and macOS. The free version of this application includes a large number of features, including the ability to recognize text from images and PDF files. But, if we want to edit files in this format, we must go through the box and buy the respective license. We can download PDFelement through the following link.


Docsumo is an online platform that allows us to recognize the text of both images and PDF files with a maximum of 4 pages or 20 MB in the case of an image. This platform allows us to recognize texts in a large number of languages ​​and returns the text to a file with extension .json, .xlsx (Excel), .csv or .txt in plain format.

Once the work of recognizing the text of the image has been carried out, it, like the document created, is eliminated from its servers, so, in principle, we should not worry about our security, however, it is not recommended to use a online platform to extract the text of important documents that include personal data.

It also offers us an application for Windows in format monthly subscription, application for companies that need OCR technology on a daily basis. The online version of Docsumo to recognize text from images is available through the following link.

Another interesting option to consider to extract the text from any image is, a website that allows us to upload the images or use a link where we have the image or PDF file from which we want to extract the text stored. To make the process faster, we can set the language in which the text is found, it allows us to modify the orientation of the page and even recognize tables.

OCS space

Once it has recognized the text, the web will return a file in PDF format. If we want the process to be faster, we can choose to have the text displayed in a text box on the web and we are in charge of copying and pasting it into a new document. This software has no limit when uploading files and is available through the following link.

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