Crab Game: here’s how to download the free video game brazenly copied to Squid Game

The success of Squid Game, Netflix’s crazy and exciting Korean TV series, had an incredible impact on the collective imagination and it was assumed that even the playful and videogame world would have “suffered” the influence of the show with someone who has already thrown himself into the making of a themed video game.

To date it seems that the first and most concrete example of a video game inspired by Squid Game is the title created by Daniel Sooman aka “Dani”, a solo developer who gave life to what, to all intents and purposes, actually looks like a “shameless” copy of the TV series (so much so that it also includes the mini game with the “1,2,3 star” doll).

Here’s how to download Crab Game, the video game “copied” to Squid Game

Apart from the name change, passing from the squid by Squid Game al crab of Crab Game, the videogame signed by Sooman allows players to replicate the deadly games seen in the TV series. Crab Game, freely downloadable on Steam at this address, is a competitive online video game that is making a lot of talk about itself, since thousands of players have already tried it and a myriad of streamers are playing it assiduously during their live on Twitch.

The game trailer, visible below, shows us all the obvious similarities – at the very limit of unauthorized copying – of Crab Game with Squid Game, even if Dani has already revealed that he is not afraid of any legal disputes with Netflix:

I am a youtuber, so in case if they were to send me a letter of warning I would make a crazy video about it. After all, it would be enough for me to remove any references to Squid Game from the game, change the appearance of the characters, and re-upload the game to Steam with another title.

Dani’s nice cheekiness can also be found in the ironic description he gave of his game:

Crab Game is a first-person multiplayer game where other players face off in various mini-games inspired by popular children’s games with the aim of winning a cash prize. This game is by no means inspired by a Korean TV series from a streaming platform.

If so, I’d be in big legal trouble, so that’s definitely not what we’re doing.

Now all that remains is to try Crab Game and test firsthand how similar this video game is to Squid Game.


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