Data from the Dark Web is leaking more than ever

The Dark web It is the part of the Internet where stolen data ends up, where confidential information is traded, where we can find programs to attack devices, etc. In this article we echo a report that warns about how data is being filtered faster than ever in this part of the network. Stolen data is spreading much faster and that forces us to be more prepared than ever to avoid problems.

Stolen Data and Information Spread Quickly on the Dark Web

Let’s take an example in which we are registered on a certain Internet platform to buy online. That page suffers a security breach and all the data of the Users and passwords are leaked on the network. All that content is posted on the Dark Web, they trade with them, and they seriously compromise the privacy of users who, ultimately, are the victims.

However, there is a time that elapses between that data theft or that security breach that leaves the information exposed until it ends up on the Dark Web and third parties begin to see the content, to buy those accounts, etc. That time, according to the report made by Bitglass and of which we echo, is being Too much faster today.

If we look at data from 2015, six years ago, the security breaches received 1,100 visits from third parties interested in that content. However now, in 2021, those visits are 13,200. A more than significant increase that shows us the speed with which data breaches spread on the Dark Web and the danger that our personal information can run if it ends up in the wrong hands.

If we focus on speed rather than visits, reaching those 1,100 visits we mentioned in 2015 took 12 days. But now, in 2021, it takes just 24 hours to reach that figure.

Why is this happening? Experts believe it is due to a increased monetization of that data and more options to be able to market with them. At the end of the day, personal information has a great value on the Internet and there are many who are looking for a way to steal accounts or access certain data.

What to do to prevent data from ending up on the Dark Web

So what can we do to prevent our personal information from ending up on the Dark Web? Luckily we can take into account certain tips that will reduce risk to suffer problems and maintain, as far as possible, security and privacy.

The first and most important thing is protect accounts. We are talking about creating passwords that are secure and protect us correctly. But also activate two-step authentication whenever possible or change the keys periodically precisely to reduce the impact of a hypothetical security breach.

In addition, the common sense. We must protect our personal data and prevent it from being available to anyone on the network. For example, do not leave a comment in a public forum or website where we expose our e-mail address or any personal data.

It will also be important to have security programs and keep everything up to date. A good antivirus can prevent the entry of viruses and malware that can steal our data. It is something that we must take into account at all times, no matter what operating system we are using.

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