Offer on the Synology DS420+ NAS with 64TB on disks, you save almost €1,500

If you are interested in buying a fairly powerful domestic NAS server, and with a large storage capacity, today at Amazon we have found a great deal that will allow you to save almost €2,000 compared to its usual price. The Synology DS420+ NAS server is a device with a total of four bays to house hard drives inside. This offer includes a total of four Synology HAT5300 hard drives with a capacity of 16TB each, so we will have a maximum of 64TB raw. Do you want to know at what bargain price you can buy it today?

Synology is one of the most recommended brands of NAS servers, especially for its DSM operating system that is really complete, and will allow us to extend its functionalities using virtualization of operating systems, and also lightweight virtualization based on containers.

The Amazon offer

The usual price of the Synology DS420+ NAS server is usually around €500 or €600 approximately, depending on the store where we are going to buy it. The price of each Synology HAT5300 hard drive is approximately €700, taking these prices into account, if we buy the NAS and a total of four hard drives, the final price will be around €3,300 approximately in the best of cases. However, on Amazon we can buy this pack for only €1,700, a saving of just over €1,500, a real bargain.

It is possible that this offer lasts a very short time, since there are only two in stock, below, you can see a screenshot made a few moments ago, where we have a total of 2 units in stock available, so you should hurry to buy it.

In the following screenshot, you can see the Amazon price of this NAS server, this model costs €600 on Amazon, although there are other stores where we can find it for €550 and even a little less. But the price in this store is €627 as you can see:

Synology HAT5300 drives are on Amazon at a price of around €725 approximately, in this case, the price is the usual price in other online stores. We must bear in mind that it has a 16TB capacity, however, other brands have clearly cheaper 16TB disks.

As you can see, this Synology offer on Amazon will allow us to save approximately €1,500, since we have a joint purchase of the NAS server with a total of four 16TB capacity hard drives each.

Synology DS420+ Features

The main features of this Synology DS420+ NAS server are that it incorporates a powerful Intel Celeron J4025 Dual-Core processor at 2.0GHz speed, it has 2GB of RAM soldered on board, but it can be expanded up to a maximum of 6GB by adding a 4GB module. The model sold by Amazon is precisely 6GB of RAM capacity.

As for storage, we have four bays to house hard drives or SSDs, all of them use the SATA3 interface. We also have two M.2 NVMe slots that will allow us to install SSD drives to use as cache or as main storage if they are from the Synology brand. Regarding connectivity, it has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for the LAN with support for Link Aggregation, as well as two high-performance USB 3.0 ports for external backup or data transfer.

As you can see, it is a very interesting model at the specification level, and with this offer it becomes even more interesting because we are going to have a total of 64TB of capacity at our disposal.

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