Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2? Ryan Reynolds has spoken

The movie of Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness is creating much more of a stir than expected. When it seemed that it would be, simply, one more of the countless Marvel stories, it is shaping up as a film full of surprises, rumors and revelations. Now, after many wondered if Tom Cruise was going out, it is the turn of another actor and his mythical character. Some fans believe that Deadpool will appear in Doctor Strange 2 and here’s what actor Ryan Reynolds has to say about it.

That the next movie Doctor Strange is making much more noise than expected of her is a pleasant surprise. When it seemed that it would be “one more” of the many Marvel movies, the marketing of it based on rumors, and a few unexpected surprises in trailers and promotions, are constantly putting her in the limelight.

Now, to that accumulation of surprises, the fans want to add another, the supposed appearance of Deadpool in the film. The rumors have soared so much that they have asked the actor who plays the loudmouth mercenary about it.

This is what he has said about it.

Deadpool will not appear in Doctor Strange 2, according to Ryan Reynolds

In an interview to Varietythe actor has answered this when asked about the next Marvel movie.

«I’m not in the moviereally,” he said at the London West Hollywoodbefore a special screening of his recent film science fiction on Netflix: The Adam Project.

When the reporter pushes a bit and suggests that he might be lying, Reynolds he assured again that we will not see him on Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness.

“I promise, I’m not in the movie,” he clinched.

The truth is that we have already lived this scene before, especially when poor Andrew Garfield, who also promoted other films, such as tick tick boom, on the eve of the premiere of Spider-Man: No way home, I swore by active and by passive that it would not be in the film. And then, yes, she was.

It’s clear that given Marvel’s policy, whether or not Deadpool appears in the movie, the answer that the actors have to give is always the same, which is not so.

Ryan Reynolds’ response does not convince fans

Doctor Strange 2 poster

After the interview, and taking into account the Garfield affair, fans are not at all convinced that the actor is telling the truth. The reactions on social networks have not been long in coming and they are sure that he is lying. Allusions to the bad face of poker that he puts on, and even memes comparing him to Garfield have been the response to the statements.

Said fans started the rumors because, supposedly, in one of the promotional posters of Doctor Strange Deadpool appeared. As if it were about finding Wally, fans claim to see him in one of the broken glass of the poster that we have put up for you. We enlarge the image in question below.

Deadpool in Doctor Strange

If you squint your eyes a lot, Deadpool’s face, putting his finger to his lipsis what it seems to be seen there.

The truth is that this is like those 3D drawings that I never get to see, but it is true that, be it by suggestion or reality, it does look like Deadpool when you have been looking for a while.

We will see who is right, for now, we will know the answer May 6, 2022, official release date. Until then, there is still rope for this speculation and another hundred that will come out of here until then.

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