Deals on cheap Windows 10 and Windows 11 licenses

If you are going to buy a new computer soon, you should know that many models from manufacturers such as ASUS, Lenovo and many others, sell them without an installed operating system. Thanks to this possibility, we are going to save approximately 100 euros, compared to the same computer that does have Windows installed with its corresponding license. If you want to install Windows on these computers, you must buy an original license to avoid problems with activation. Today in RedesZone we bring you the best offers in Windows licenses and also in the Office office suite in cdkeysales.

Offers on Windows and Office licenses

If you are interested in buying Windows 10 or Windows 11 licenses, below you can see all the offers we have available. It is very important that you use the discount coupon “RD35” when making the payment, in this way, you will obtain a 35% discount with respect to the fixed price.

If you want to buy Office licenses, from version 2016 to 2021, you can do it at a really cheap price. We also have a 35% discount if you put “RD35” when making the payment.

In the case of wanting to buy a pack of Windows 10 Pro plus Office (2016 and 2019 versions), you can have very interesting savings. Here there is also the coupon “RD35” to get a 35% discount.

As you can see, we are going to save a lot of money buying these licenses.

Windows purchase and activation process

The purchase process in cdkeysales is really simple, you just have to get into the products that we have previously listed. Next, you must register on the website to be able to correctly purchase the license or licenses that interest you. When you have registered, you can click on the “BUY NOW” button that you have just below the price of the license.

The price of the license is the “normal” price, but you must apply the discount coupon “RD35” to get an additional 35% discount. Thanks to this discount coupon, we will be able to save a large amount of money compared to the usual price.

When we have paid with PayPal, we will be able to see in our user profile in the “My purchases” section this license key that we have just paid for. All the history will appear and also the activation key in green, this is the activation key that you must use in Windows 10, Windows 11 or the different Office to activate the operating system or the office suite.

Finally, you must activate the Windows operating system. In order to activate this operating system you have to go to the «Home / Settings / Update & Security / Activation«Once you are here, you must click on the hyperlink to activate the operating system, enter the license code and continue with the activation wizard until it tells us that Windows is activated.

As you can see, the Windows license purchase and activation process is really simple. Thanks to these cheap cdkeysales licenses you will be able to activate your operating system at a really competitive price.

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