These cheap motion sensors will protect your home

Home automation can also help improve the security of a home. In this article we are going to show some motion sensors that you can install to detect intruders. They are cheap devices that come in handy to protect a home, office or any building. We are going to talk about the main characteristics and what you should take into account if you are going to buy one to monitor your home.

Motion sensors to protect a home

A motion sensor is a small device that we can place anywhere and helps to detect intruders. If it detects an unusual presence, it is able to send an alert to the mobile and also sound an alarm. One of the advantages over door and window sensors is that it can cover a larger area. Depending on the model, you can protect more or less space.

One option that you have available is this model EVE Motion. It is an intelligent motion sensor that also has an ambient light detector. It has IPX3 resistance to water, it has automatic activation of lights and devices and its small size means that you can place it anywhere.

This SwitchBot It is a very useful smart motion sensor to improve home security. It is compatible with Alexa and launches an alert as soon as it detects a strange movement. It works up to a maximum of 9 meters and has a viewing angle of 110 degrees. If someone suspicious enters your home, you will immediately receive an alert on your mobile.

The model TP-Link Tapo T100 is a motion detector with Wi-Fi that is very easy to use. It has a burglar alarm sensor, 120-degree rotation, and a magnetic mount that will allow you to place it anywhere. You will be able to control it through the mobile application, but keep in mind that it requires Tapo Hub H100.

Another very cheap option is this heron model. It detects movements through infrared and you can guide it both indoors and outdoors. It has IP44 protection, a detection angle of 180 degrees and you can regulate both the time and the brightness. It works at a distance of up to 12 meters.

What to consider when buying a motion sensor

Something important that you should think about before buying a motion sensor to protect your home is where you are going to locate it. That is going to be key to choosing between the different options that are available. Why do we say this? On the one hand, it is necessary to know whether or not you can put it outdoors and not have problems with the rain. But it is also important to know the surface that it is going to cover and to be able to buy one that has a greater reach if necessary.

Another key factor is how you are going to interact with that motion sensor. For example, if you can use it through a mobile application, if it needs another device to work, if you can link it to Alexa or Google Home, etc. That will give you a greater range of options in order to gain usability.

We also recommend reading comments and seeing ratings from other people who have purchased that product to avoid problems. This way you will know if it meets what you expect, if it works correctly and if it helps you to control a home as you want.

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