Did you know that La Caixa has its own free Netflix? Discover how CaixaForum+ works

The latest news related to streaming video platforms not only points to the end of shared accounts as Netflix has already done around the world, but also to a price increase, reduction of available content, plans with ads and much more.

These movements make many users rethink if they really deserve to keep paying For this type of platform if we can find free alternatives on the market, especially if the use we make of these is more sporadic than usual.

Pluto Tv is one of the best options available on the market, an option that allows us to access more than 100 channels completely free of charge and where registration is not required. Tivify is another interesting option like Plex, Samsung TV and Xiaomi TV. If we like cultural content, one of the best options is offered by La Caixa through CaixaForum+.

What CaixaForum+ offers us

CaixaFormum+ is a totally free platform where you only need to register to access the content. Although as it is a service provided by a bank, this platform is not an additional service for its customers, but is available to any user who wants to access its catalogue.


The catalog available through CaixaForum+ is available in series, concerts, podcasts, documentaries and operas, content always focused on culture. All the content available on this platform is classified into 9 categories:

  • Architecture and design
  • performing arts
  • visual and plastic arts
  • life sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Cinema
  • Literature
  • Music
  • thought and history

If we adopt this platform as a way to expand our knowledge and we want to know what are the novelties that have arrived or are about to arrive at CaixaForum+, we can access the section Further where the news is shown, the content created by the La Caixa Foundation and the content recently released on the platform along with what will arrive in the coming weeks.


Everything available on the platform is in Spanish and Catalan. Some content is also available in the original version with subtitles in Spanish and Catalan.

create an account

As we have commented above, the only requirement to access all the available content is to create an account where we must enter the name, date of birth and email. We can access the entire catalog from any country as long as CaixaForum has the rights to broadcast it.

From which devices can it be accessed?

CaixaForum+ is available for smart televisions and web browsers, both mobile phones and computers, so we can access all the content directly from its website without the need to use any application. There is no maximum limit of users accessing the platform jointly.

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