Differences between Tor Browser and VPN for private browsing

The VPN they also offer greater anonymity. Our data is fully protected, from the outside they would not know if we are using a certain application, for example.

When navigating from Tor browser we also gain anonymity. However it is not exactly the same. Some tracking programs could know that we are using these types of tools and, in a certain way, it affects privacy and anonymity.


In both cases the speed can be reduced. Whether we use a VPN or browse through the Tor network, we can have problems in this regard. However, it will depend a lot on what tool we use and what speed we have contracted.

In this sense where we can have more problems is when using the Tor network, which is much slower. A VPN, if we use a suitable server, would give less problems. Of course, sometimes you can see that the connection slows down a lot if you use a program that is not reliable.


The issue of cost must be highlighted. In the case of the Tor network is totally free. We will not find any problem in this regard. You simply have to go to its official website and download the program, either for computers or for mobile devices.

On the contrary the vpn services Yes they can be paid. We also have the option of opting for free tools, although the truth is that in these cases security is not always guaranteed and performance is usually worse.

If we focus on security and starting from the free price we can say that the Tor network is more reliable. VPNs that are free usually have quite a few problems in this regard.

Protection in a broader way

Here, without a doubt, wins VPN. We can protect all the connections of the same computer and even other devices that we are using. This is interesting not only to encrypt the connection from the browser, but from any other tool. For example if you use the Skype program to make a video call or use an application to download.

On the contrary, the Tor network allows you to encrypt the connection from the browser. It does not offer further expansion in that regard. You can go to a web page and hide your IP address, but not if you use a messaging program or any application outside of the browser. You’re going to be more limited in that sense.

Using VPN and Tor together

First of all, it should be mentioned that both options will serve to improve our privacy and security In the net. On the one hand, Tor is a browser based on privacy, on protecting our data, allowing us to browse anonymously. It is very interesting for those users who want to protect their data as much as possible.

On the other hand we have vpn services, that what they do is encrypt our connections. It is very useful to prevent information from leaking, but also to connect to the network without showing our IP or being able to access services that may be geographically blocked.

We can say that each of them protects our privacy in a different way. This means that on certain occasions users can choose to use Tor, while in others it is better to use a VPN. What if we use both options at the same time?

From Tor they indicate that our connection is completely secure and private when we use their browser. They ensure that it would not be necessary to use alternative tools that can protect our information. But of course, we are protecting privacy when we use that specific browser, and not other tools that we can use to browse the web.

Internet is slow when using a VPN

Tor over VPN and VPN over Tor

However, we must bear in mind that our operator could know that we are browsing from Tor. When we start browsing, the entry node will receive Tor’s IP address and therefore our operator will have that information. Now, there is what is known as Tor over VPNwhich basically means that we are connected to this popular browser through a VPN service.

In this case that we mentioned, our Internet operator would obtain the IP address of that VPN that we are using and they would not know that we connected from Tor. Therefore we can add an extra privacy in that sense.

Also, by using a VPN in conjunction with Tor, we could have better security against malicious entry nodes. It is, therefore, another point in favor to take this option into account.

Another method is VPN over Tor. It also includes an improvement in terms of privacy and data protection. This allows us to access sites that do not allow connections from known Tor exit nodes. It also protects exit nodes that may be malicious. Of course, this method requires configuration and any failure in this process could expose our data.

In short, we can say that it is possible use a VPN with Tor. It is something that is not going to harm our security and privacy, but even in certain cases, as we have seen, it could add an extra layer. However, it must be mentioned that it is vital to use a VPN service that is reliable, secure and that in no case can compromise our privacy. We already know that we have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal, but that not all of them are going to be really safe.

Differences between a VPN in the browser and a standalone program

If you simply want to have a VPN in your browser, you don’t need to use Tor Browser. There are extensions for some of the main ones such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. There are even other alternatives, such as Opera, which has its own integrated VPN. Now, what differences are there compared to an independent program? Which of the two options is better?

In-Browser VPN

Some browsers are more focused on security or privacy. Others instead may have more extensions and plugins available. In short, they offer us multiple functions and possibilities.

We can also run into browsers that have a integrated VPN service. This can be very useful, but it will also have some downsides. Within the positive we can say that we do not need to install anything else. Simply by having that browser and correctly configuring the VPN we will be able to use it correctly. There are different options like Opera that have this service.

From that moment we will simply have to navigate and our connection will go through this VPN, encrypted. We can also modify our location, access services that may be blocked in certain places, etc.

But not only are we going to have the option of a VPN integrated into the standard browser, but we can also install extensions. In this sense we have many options available, both free and paid. We will be able to make use of accessories that help us improve privacy on the web when we browse.

Which are the disadvantages of using a VPN in the browser? Undoubtedly the main one is that not all our connection will be correctly encrypted. This software will only act through the browser’s connections, and not with other programs connected to the network or even other browsers that we can use on our computer.

It is also a disadvantage that we do not have too many options. Normally these types of services are usually simpler, they do not have many servers where we can connect or the speed may not be the best.

Error when using browser with VPN

Opera Browser with VPN

In this case, it is one of the best-known browsers for this function. Opera It has a VPN service integrated into it, so it is not necessary to subscribe to any other service to have a connection of this type. This option allows us to browse by hiding our public IP address, and with the possibility of connecting to many servers throughout the world.

It is a totally free function, and it is possible to activate and deactivate it as long as it is necessary, without restrictions. What it does is redirect all traffic to Opera’s own server, and from there it gives access to the Internet, so browsing becomes much more private. On the part of Opera, they ensure that their server does not record any type of user data or their web traffic. Which is one of the big concerns when we use free VPNs, which can go against the interests of the privacy of users, their data and their equipment.

The use is very simple, as it is enough to press a button in the browser itself for it to activate. Except for the first connection we make, which is necessary to go to the browser settings to activate it. After that, the process will be as easy as pressing the button.

This is also available on mobile devices, where it performs the same function. The only drawback is that the button to activate it is a little more hidden, since we will have to go to the browser settings to find it. In this case, once activated, the program will show us an interface to write the web addresses we need. What this does is that we will not have to return to the configuration, since it will be enough to go to this menu on the main screen.

Standalone VPN program

On the other hand we will have vpn programs They are not part of the browser. It is software that we can install on our systems, regardless of the type of device we are using. There are many examples, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. There are both free and paid and also for different operating systems.

These tools are going to offer us more possibilities. They are going to have more features available, a more personalized configuration and, in short, more usability. It will also have more servers to be able to connect and thus improve speed. You can choose at all times which one is best for you and make the connection go as well as possible.

But without a doubt the most positive point is that all our connection will go through this VPN. This means that it will act on any browser that we have installed on the computer, any program with Internet access.

Regarding the negative, we can highlight the fact of having to install an additional program. Especially when we are going to navigate from a mobile, the available memory may not be very large or the resources of that equipment may be more limited. There is also the risk of installing a program that is not really official by mistake and we may have security problems.

As you have seen, there are clear differences between a VPN and the Tor browser. Both options will allow you to improve your privacy on the web, but you will find different features.

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