Discover the advantages of using an aerothermal heat pump and save

Today, the choice when it comes to reforming our house or buying a new one, happens because it has optimal energy efficiency. Knowing which is the best in each case is not an easy task. That is why we bring today one of the most profitable and environmentally friendly renewable energies that, thanks to the technology it incorporates, provides us with high energy efficiency. We are talking about the aerothermal heat pump and these are its advantages.

energy saving

The star advantage of this heating system is the way in which it produces and consumes energy. Broadly speaking, aerothermal energy absorbs energy from the air to later be used in the form of electricity. By transforming the air into a source of energy, it is capable of multiplying its performance (generating cold or heat) due to its low energy consumption, for every 4kWh produced, it only consumes 1kWh.

By providing us with more useful energy than it consumes, the reduction in the bill is considerable. So we managed to reduce spending in relation to other types of conventional heating by up to 70%.

wide versatility

Another of the greatest advantages that installing an aerothermal heat pump gives us is the versatility it provides us. On its own it already offers us meritorious energy savings, but combined with other renewable energy sources is when it reaches its highest degree of energy efficiency. One of its best combinations is with photovoltaic panels or underfloor heating with water. The technology used by both devices allows not only to cover the energy cost of our heating system or appliance. Their combination provides us with enough energy to be stored and used for other uses.

By storing excess energy, we can use it later when there is no sun, and we could even return it to the electricity grid and have it return the contribution in the form of a discount on the electricity bill. We can also use this surplus energy for lighting our house or any other domestic use.

sustainable technology

Undoubtedly, the technology that aerothermal heat pumps integrate is one of the revelations in terms of a sustainable energy source. By making exclusive use of the air to generate the electricity that it will later consume, it does not emit any type of greenhouse gas and reduces the use of fossil resources for the production of energy.

At the same time, its low electricity consumption has made it an energy source to be taken into account not only at an individual level, but also for those new constructions that require energy efficiency that provides very low levels of pollution.

fast amortization

The low consumption rates together with a simple installation and very low maintenance costs, give us a return on investment in a short time. If we add to this that when installing this type of technology in our house, its value will rise, we find that the aerothermal heat pump is one of the options to take into account. In addition, the European Union is currently providing aid in the form of subsidies to install this type of technology in our homes, with the aim of being more sustainable and energy efficient.

But we cannot ignore some not so positive parts of this type of heating system. One of them is the high initial expense, and the expense or consumption that this type of technology carries out in very cold climates or where there is very little sun. Therefore, we conclude that it is one of the most efficient heating options if we have radiators or underfloor heating at home that work at a “low” temperature of approximately 30ºC. It must be borne in mind that typical gas heating radiators are “high” temperature, and approximately 60ºC are necessary to heat or maintain the temperature of the room.

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