Do Blackjack strategies really work?

The key is trying to decrease the house edge. Applying any of the various strategies can improve your chances against the dealer. By simply guessing or playing on luck, you increase the house edge by up to 2%, which in the long run will lead you to an empty wallet much sooner.

With any online casino game like slots and blackjack, there are ways to plan how you approach the game, pre-determined bankroll when to stop, when to customize bets and the list. With that, the question stands, Do Blackjack strategies really work?

Basic Strategy Chart

When starting out playing online casino games like slots and blackjack there are many resources available to use. The basic strategy chart is one of the best ways to learn the game and get into a rhythm between your cards and the dealers. This is a case of memorizing different scenarios and what decisions to make accordingly.

There are simple charts to study on when to hit, stand, double, or split your hand, depending on both your and the dealers’ cards.

This method is simple yet effective, and mathematically, the charts will help you make the best decision throughout the game.

Martingale System

This is a sound system for the high rollers, willing to pursue their losses in order to regenerate a profit, however long it may take. The Martingale system is easy to apply to blackjack, especially if you make use of the free demo games to practice strategies.

To break it down, the martingale system is a negative advancement betting game plan.

In theory, the player aims to counterbalance their losing streaks by doubling their wager after each losing hand.

For instance, you take off with a $10 bet. If you lose on that hand, you double your bet on the following hand, $20. Losing that hand, you raise your bet to $40. You carry on doubling your bets per losing hand until you beat the dealer.

Winning Streak Strategy

The winning streak strategy is for the level-headed gambler. This strategy is contrary to the Martingale System, where you try to optimize your winning streak by increasing your bet after each winning hand in succession.

This is a quick way of accumulating profits. But knowing when to call it a session is vital, as any hot streak will break after a few hands.

Oscar’s Grind

Much like the martingale system, this system is for gamblers with a high bankroll that can endure interminable losing streaks.

Using this strategy, the aim is to win one betting unit per session and then return to the original bet for the next session. Let’s start our session with a $10 bet; you keep betting 10$ until you get a winning hand. After that, you increase your bet to $20, keep betting $20 until the next winning hand appears, and you keep increasing your bet with each winning hand until you reach a profit or break even. With that, you start at $10 again.

Card Counting

 Although this strategy has been proven to rake in some big wins, any gambling facility strictly frowns upon this method and can land you in some serious trouble.

Essentially, this is the ability to assign positive or negative values to cards being dealt with and keep track of the calculations. When the true count reaches an ample positive count, card counters will increase their bet, as there will be a surplus of high cards in the shoe, conceptually in return being more favourable to the gambler.

As opposed to a shoe filled with lower cards, where the dealer will be favoured. The gambler’s counting will adjust their bet to the bare minimum until the true count of the cards is out of a high negative count.


It is important to acknowledge that blackjack is a means of entertainment. There is no sure way of getting around the dealer or winning each hand that is dealt; it is just a matter of choosing the best possible way to increase your odds.

Always be comfortable with losing your pre-established bankroll, and never chase your losses when you depleted said amount. If gambling becomes a problem, look for help. There are many resources available online, such as BeGambleaware.

By making use of these strategies listed, you decrease the edge of the house, resulting in you being able to play for longer before your pockets run empty. Be sure to understand the aim of each strategy and have fun.

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