Do not buy this new NETGEAR WiFi 6E adapter, you will regret it

The manufacturer NETGEAR has launched the world’s first Wi-Fi 6E adapter with USB interface, the new model is the NETGEAR A8000. This device is aimed at any user who wants connect to Wi-Fi 6E networks (in the 6GHz band) and get a good speedUntil now, we only had PCIe WiFi cards with this new standard, one of the most popular and the one we use in reviews of WiFi routers and WiFi APs is the Intel AX210. Do you want to know all the characteristics of this new model and what speed we can achieve? We anticipate that the features are not what we expected.

Main features

The main wireless features of this new adapter is that it is selectable tri-band with Wi-Fi 6E and AXE3000 class. In the 2.4GHz band we can get one speed up to 574Mbps, thanks to its two internal antennas in MU-MIMO 2T2R configuration. In the 5GHz band we can get one speed up to 1201Mbps, thanks to its two internal antennas and the 80MHz channel width that this card incorporates. Finally, in the 6GHz band we will be able to get one speed up to 1201Mbpsthanks to its two internal antennas and 80MHz channel width.

The antennas of this WiFi adapter are high gain, so we can connect from places far away from the router without too many problems, this is ideal for environments where we have many obstacles and the distance from the router is very high.

This new WiFi 6E card has the main features of the standard, such as the MU-MIMO to allow multiple devices to send and receive data together, which will speed up the wireless network overall. We also have support for OFDMA, a very important feature to have the maximum possible efficiency, with the minimum latency in the connection. This WiFi card also supports the latest WPA3-Personal WiFi security standard, so we can have maximum security in communications with this new device.

Other interesting features is that it incorporates a built-in band-steering technologythis means that it will be able to connect to the correct frequency band (2.4GHz, 5GHz or 6GHz).

We can place this Wi-Fi adapter directly to the computer through any USB 3.0 port, as it uses this data interface to transfer data at maximum speed. It is not recommended to connect it to one USB 2.0 port because we will have a bottleneck in the data interface.

The price of this Wi-Fi 6E adapter will be around 90 euros approximately, it is not yet available to buy in Spain, but surely in a few weeks or a few months we will be able to buy it.

Why you shouldn’t buy it

The negative part of this WiFi card is that does not support 160MHz channel width, neither in the 5GHz band nor in the 6GHz band. Due to this feature that is not available, our recommendation is that you think about it before buying it, because the best thing about the new 6GHz band is that we have three channels with 160MHz of channel width, to obtain the best possible performance. .

Unfortunately, this model does not have this important function, for example, the WiFi 6E card Intel AX210 it does support 160MHz of channel width, and it has a price of approximately 40 euros. If you have a desktop computer, our recommendation is that you buy a WiFi 6E over PCIe card with the Intel AX210 chipset. In the case of having a laptop, the best thing you can do is try to disassemble the laptop and install the Intel AX210 yourself as we have taught you at RedesZone.

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