This is Proton Drive, a new cloud of maximum security and privacy

If you want to save files in the cloud with total security, you can take into account proton-drive. This service has just been launched for everyone who wants to store content on the network in an encrypted way, totally secure and available from anywhere. Although there are many alternatives to save all kinds of files in the cloud, the truth is that not all of them are reliable and it is important to choose very well which one to trust with our data.

Proton Drive available to everyone

From Proton they have recently announced the launch of Proton Drive for any user who wants to use it. Known for its mail service Proton Mail, since its inception in 2014 they have stood out for their objective in security and privacy. They now offer this free and encrypted cloud storage service.

But this service is not new, since they started it three months ago. However, until now it was only available to those who signed up for the Beta version to try it out. From now on it is available so that anyone can register and start using it. A careful platform, adapted to what users are looking for and always maintaining security and privacy.

How can you start using it? To do this you have to go to the Proton Drive website and there click on Create a new account. you will see what is there different options available. There is a free one, which offers 1 GB of space, but also Drive Plus and Proton Unlimited, with 200 and 500 GB, respectively.

If you want to try the free version, just hit Get Proton for free. It will take you to a new window to enter some information such as the username and password you choose. From there you can put a phone number and e-mail to be able to recover the account if necessary in the future and you will have everything available to start using it.

The first time you enter, a guide box will appear so you can learn more about how it works. After completing this initial step, you can start uploading files. It’s really simple. It’s as easy as dragging files, although you can also manually upload and select files from your computer.

Try Proton Drive

From there you can share those files with third parties, have them available anywhere or serve as a backup for your important documents. It is an intuitive and very useful platform.

Files always protected

Unlike other cloud storage services you can find, Proton Drive provides a strong, secure and reliable encryption. It offers end-to-end encryption for all types of files you upload, from the name of the documents, folders, extensions, file size, date of creation…

In addition, it offers cryptographic signatures in all files. This is important to prevent them from being tampered with or modified. It also has cryptographic verification, so you can verify which account uploaded a file. You cannot decrypt the files we upload in any way, so privacy will always be present.

In short, if you are looking for a secure cloud storage service, Proton Drive is a good option. It offers privacy guarantees by always using its own services, and this includes hardware, to avoid problems that could compromise your data or any file you upload.

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