Do not connect your devices like this, it is dangerous and you spend more electricity

For save on electricity billIt is important to take good care of the devices and appliances you connect. Sometimes we make mistakes and that can mean that consumption increases, so we are going to pay more each month. We are going to tell you in this article some important mistakes that you may be making when connect electrical appliances to the current. You will see that this can mean a higher consumption, so you should avoid it.

Not all electrical appliances consume the same, that is something that you must be clear about; but yes, with any of them you will be able to spend less if you use them correctly. For example, it is not the same to put the air conditioning to the maximum, than to put it at a lower power. Nor is it the same to use the washing machine in the most powerful program, than to use the Eco mode.

Be careful when connecting devices

But why should you be careful when connecting appliances to electricity? A common mistake is to use poor quality strips. You need to connect several devices, such as a microwave, washing machine or refrigerator, and having only one plug, you decide to use a power strip. Maybe even a multi-socket plug or burglar.

What can happen is that these devices, that multi-socket power strip or plug, are of poor quality or are in poor condition. This can cause what is known as electrical leakage. Basically, it is a loss of electricity that will be in those devices. Something like if you had a water leak in a pipe.

At first glance you may not notice anything. Sometimes it is true that you can notice cramps when touching an appliance, for example. If that happens, it may be a sign of light leakage. That plug or power strip could be causing extra electricity consumption. Even if you don’t use the appliance at the moment, you could be spending a little more than necessary.

Therefore, you should check if you have a power strip that may be of poor quality, old or have a problem. This could mean that you are consuming more electricity than you should and it is something that will negatively contribute to your bill each month.

power strip

It could be dangerous

But be careful, we are not only talking about how it can be a problem for consumption; another important factor is the security. And yes, having power strips or plugs of this type, of poor quality or in poor condition, can be a real danger. We have mentioned that they could cause electricity to leak, so that can lead to cramps, short circuits and deterioration of the devices you connect.

You should not only think about consumption, but about take care of appliances and prevent the service life from being shortened. Anything you can do to improve the quality of the plugs, of the connections of the devices, is welcome to avoid problems of this type like the ones we have mentioned.

In short, as you can see, you should not plug the devices into electricity through plugs and power strips that are not of high quality. This can be a problem for consumption, but also in order to protect the proper functioning of appliances and household appliances of all kinds that you have at home. If you use home automation, it is important that you avoid problems with the router and be able to verify that the devices are connected.

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