Do not do it; it is absurd to use a WiFi repeater in this case

If you are looking for your Internet connection to work better, surely something you have thought about is installing a WIFI repeater. Although it is true that this type of device can be very useful in some cases, in others it really is useless. In this article we are going to talk about a specific case in which it would be absurd to use a wireless repeater, since it really you will not notice improvement in your connection. We are going to propose some better alternatives.

Using the Wi-Fi repeater too far from the router is a mistake

You may notice that in some areas of your home the wireless connection works worse. You try to connect your computer or mobile and you see that the signal does not reach or is so weak that you practically cannot navigate. The normal thing is that it happens because it is very far from the router, although other factors may also come into play, such as interference or large walls. The natural thing is to think about installing a repeater.

But, is that repeater really going to improve the signal in those cases? It is very difficult for you to have a stable connection with good speed if what we have explained happens to you. This is so since the repeater needs to connect to the router and, later, emit a signal to other devices. Snap too far from the routerthe signal it receives will be very weak and will not be enough for you to connect normally.

Therefore, in this specific case it is very common for us to think that the WIFI repeater is bad or useless. That is not necessarily true, since if you put it in another place, it is very likely that it can improve the connection in that area. You will be able to receive a better signal than if you connect to the router directly.

Alternatives to have Internet very far from the router

As you can see, the problem comes when you need connecting too far from the router. You see that you try to use a repeater but it does not solve the problem. What can you do then? Luckily you have several very useful alternatives with which you will be able to have a better connection and avoid the most common problems.

The first thing is to try change router location. It is true that it will not always be possible, since you need the cables to arrive and so on. But whenever you can, it is best that you have it in a central area of ​​the house. This way you can distribute the signal better and you can connect without so many cuts. In addition, you can always pass an Ethernet cable from one place to another in the house and gain stability.

But another alternative leaving aside the change of router is to use PLC devices. They are a very good option to carry the connection from one end of the house to another. You can do without Wi-Fi repeaters, in case they do not work for you, and try these devices. They are basically two devices that connect to each other and work through the power line. You connect one of them near the router and the other in the area of ​​the house where you need Internet.

You can also use a Mesh Wi-Fi system. It is an ideal option when you want to cover a very large area, even several hundred square meters. They are several satellites that connect to each other, unlike the repeater that connects directly to the router. This will help so that the signal is better distributed throughout the house and reaches the areas where you need it.

As you can see, using a Wi-Fi repeater is not always good. In this specific case in which it is very far from the router, the most normal thing is that you have problems. You can use alternatives to surf the net with greater coverage and speed. You could even connect two routers to improve coverage.

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