Do not do this with your WiFi PLCs or you will have cuts and a very low speed

In order to improve Internet coverage at home we can use different devices. One option is to have PLC devices, which can have Wi-Fi and also allow us to connect by cable. They are very useful to carry the signal from one place to another, since they take advantage of electrical wiring. However, you should keep in mind that they are sensitive devices and you should not make mistakes. In this article we are going to talk about something very important that you should not do and getting PLCs to work right.

Do not put devices near the PLCs

A very common mistake is to place the Wi-Fi PLC devices anywhere in the house. We plug them into the wall and carry the connection from one place to another. That’s really what they are for, but if we connect them close to other devices there may be interference and they are quite sensitive. That will cause them to work worse, have poor speed and have problems.

For example, you should not place the PLCs on a power strip next to the television, VCR and other devices. That could cause problems, especially when it comes to Wi-Fi connection by operating on the same band as other devices that may have Bluetooth and operating on a similar frequency.

Ideally, PLC devices should be as isolated as possible. You should always place them in a wall socket isolated from the rest and not connect it to a power strip, since that will generate interference. The further away you are from other electronics, the better. That will undoubtedly help you avoid problems and you will achieve better network coverage and speed.

It is true that sometimes for comfort or to be practical we think of placing them anywhere, even where they are not visible. However, if you are going to have other devices nearby, it is better to think a little about where it would be best and place it in a position where it does not have any kind of interference and can work well.

They are sensitive devices

Beyond the interference that they may have if you connect them to a socket near other electronic devices, it must be taken into account that they are sensitive. They can easily be affected by certain circumstances that will cause Wi-Fi coverage to not reach well or to cause problems.

Some things to avoid in PLC devices are:

  • Avoid the rules
  • Do not place it next to a wall or wall
  • Be careful with the Wi-Fi band you use
  • The condition of electrical wiring is important

If you take these tips into account and locate the PLCs well, you will be able to have a better connection in your home. This will allow you to make the most of the available resources and you can connect mobile phones, computers, televisions and any device to the wireless network without annoying cuts and loss of coverage.

In short, PLC devices are very interesting to have a good connection and prevent Wi-Fi from disconnecting. However, you must take into account some important points so as not to make mistakes and that they really work well.

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