Do not use a password for more than this time or you will have problems

We can say that the password is the main security barrier to prevent intruders from entering our accounts. They are necessary to create an email account, social networks or any online platform. However,how often to change keys of access? Is it really necessary to do it? In this article we are going to talk about it. The objective is that you correctly protect your accounts on the Internet.

How often to change passwords

The quick answer is very clear: sooner change your passwords, better. Every time you change it, you will be refreshing the security. Think of a hypothetical attacker who launches brute force attacks to try many combinations until he hits your password. Also think about a possible leak that may have occurred on some platform. If you change your passwords very frequently, the better to avoid problems.

But if we talk about an indicative figure, to have an idea of ​​how often to change a password, most experts agree that it is advisable to change it maximum every three months. This means that you should change your passwords at least four times a year and no more than 90 days have passed since the last time you changed it.

This is not an exact science. It does not mean that if you leave the same password for 100 days they can enter your account. Nor does it mean that if you change it every 60 days it will be super protected. What it really means is that we are going to change it from time to time, a number of days considered the correct one to avoid risks.

Ultimately, the ideal is change password frequently. The sooner the better. However, most experts agree that at least it does have to be changed every 90 days maximum to avoid problems. That will avoid risks if it has been leaked due to a vulnerability or an attacker is trying to access your account.

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How to create a trusted key

We have discussed that it is convenient to change passwords every three months maximum. But what should that access key be like? Ideally it should be totally random. Do not use the same password in email and on Facebook, for example. It is important to have one for each account. That will prevent what is known as a domino effect, should a password be stolen.

It is also essential that you avoid using words or numbers that may be known. For example, do not put your name, date of birth or phone number. It better be a key that is hard for you to memorize, that has letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols.

To create strong passwords, one thing you can do is have a key manager. It will help you to generate them, but also to store them. You will not need to memorize the passwords of each page or platform you use, but the password manager will take care of the logins. One example is the Keepass password manager.

As you can see, changing your passwords from time to time is important. Ideally, no more than three months should pass between changes. The sooner the better. Always keep in mind to generate access keys that are really secure and thus avoid problems that may affect your security.

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