Do this on the devices you don’t use and your home WiFi will fly

Turning off devices you don’t use helps your Wi-Fi

Every time we have more connected devices to the wireless network. That can make Wi-Fi worse, with more dropouts and less speed. Especially if you have an old router, as soon as you start connecting devices you will see that the quality decreases a lot. The more you have, the worse it will work. The same does not happen if you have a more modern router, since they are more prepared to connect many devices.

So what can you do to make Wi-Fi work better? A small change as simple as turn off devices that you don’t use can be of great help. Each device will be consuming bandwidth, but it will also consume router processes. If your router is limited, you may notice glitches.

For example, think of a television that has Wi-Fi and you hardly use it. The same with a game console, an ebook, a robot vacuum cleaner or any IoT device you have at home. All of them are going to connect to the wireless network. Going to consume bandwidth and resources. That can lead to network crashes.

The goal is to have few devices connected to the router. Again, this will also depend on the model you have, since the most modern ones have greater capacity and you will not have as many problems. If you’re using an older one, then this makes more sense and you should apply it. You will see that the speed of Wi-Fi increases and you will have fewer problems.

Connect them only when you need it

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Wi-Fi on your TV, e-book, or any other connected device. It simply means that you connect the wireless network only when you need them. For example, use the Wi-Fi of the TV when you are going to connect to Netflix to watch series or movies.

The rest of the time, which will be most of it, you can disconnect Wi-Fi of those devices. This way you will only have your computer, mobile phone and those that are really necessary connected to the router, such as if you have a smart plug that you normally use, security cameras, etc.

The goal of all this is release the router and decrease the load. Although they are connected devices that are not consuming a large bandwidth, the sum of all of them can be significant, in addition to wasting router resources. Think that the router has an operating system inside, which is responsible for assigning IP addresses and other tasks. If you open 20 programs on a computer at the same time, it will be worse than if you open only one or two. The same happens with the router connections.

In short, whenever you can, it is advisable to disconnect Wi-Fi from devices that you do not use so that the wireless network works better. Especially if you have an old router, it’s a good idea to improve the connection.

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