Do this to find out if your WiFi booster is really helping you

Having a Wi-Fi repeater or amplifier is very common to improve coverage at home. If you have an area where the signal is very weak, they are a solution to consider. Now, is it really helping you? In this article we are going to explain what you should do to check if when you connect to the wireless repeater you have better Internet or, conversely, you have even worse than connecting directly to the router.

What to do to know if the Wi-Fi repeater works well

you can buy a WIFI repeater with the aim of improving the signal, but actually having problems and not helping. This can happen if it is a poor quality device, is not dual band, or does not support many devices connected at the same time. Therefore, it is convenient to review that it really works correctly and helps us.

Compare speed and latency

The first thing you should do is a speed test. In this way, you will not only know how much download and upload comes to you, but also the latency. It is another value to take into account to know if the connection is good. It is necessary to play online, make video calls, etc. Therefore, try to see what speed you get and what is the ping or latency.

When you have it clear, do the same test but connecting from the same place to the router. Do you get more speed or improvement when you connect to the repeater? And the latency? With that, you can get an idea of ​​whether the Wi-Fi repeater really improves the signal.

If you have bought that less speed reaches you, then something is wrong. It may be that the repeater is not really of quality and does not improve your connection. You would have to look for another alternative to get more speed than what you receive through the router if you connect without the amplifier.

Prevent Internet Speed ​​from Dropping

Test with multiple connected devices

But to check if a Wi-Fi repeater works well and serves to improve the connection, it is not enough to just connect a device and do a test. What you should do is try it on a real situation. Today it is common to have many connected devices at home. For example televisions, Wi-Fi light bulbs, tablets… Do that. Connect different devices to the repeater and see if it works well.

There are repeaters that are very limited in that sense. As soon as you connect 3 or 4 devices, it starts to fail, the connection is cut off and the speed drops drastically. Therefore, do a real test by connecting different devices.

Stay away from the repeater

You can also try to move a little away from the repeater. With this you will be able to check if it has a good signal once it receives it from the router. You will be able to see if it reaches other rooms where you need to have a good Internet connection, for example.

This is very simple. All you have to do is change the room or move a few meters away and perform the tests that we have explained again. You can do a speed test, but also connect different devices and see how the amplifier responds.

In short, as you can see, you can easily check if the wifi repeater works fine or, on the contrary, it does not really improve the router. If you detect that the speed does not increase or is cut when connecting several devices, it is best to solve problems with the Wi-Fi repeater.

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