If you place your router like this, you will always have to use a WiFi repeater

If you misplace the router, the Internet connection may start to work slowly or with continuous cuts. It is essential to choose a good place and not have problems, since otherwise you would not be able to connect devices correctly. In this article we are going to tell you about some very common mistakes when locate the router. If you see that in your case you have done something like this, you should change it to improve performance.

Keep in mind that the router is a key piece for have a good internet. You can connect devices of all kinds to it, such as mobile phones, computers, home automation devices… In addition, current demands are increasing as we have more equipment with Wi-Fi connection in our homes.

Errors when placing the router

Not locating the router correctly may force you to use a Wi-Fi repeater. The reason is very simple: the signal does not reach where you need a good connection and that makes you have to find a way to improve the wireless network. It can be with an amplifier, a Mesh system, PLC devices… But be careful, simply by avoiding errors when placing the router you could solve it.

surrounded by obstacles

The first mistake is to place it near obstacles. For example, you could have the router very close to a large wall, wall, or even sheet metal. All this will prevent the signal from arriving correctly. It could block the signal and the coverage is very limited or even impossible to connect.

But those obstacles could be anything. For example, you could have books on top of the device, boxes or any object that simply gets between the router and the devices that you are going to connect to the wireless network. Especially, they will affect those that you have closest to the router.

interference near

You should also take into account the possible interference that there may be This occurs due to having devices nearby that can create conflicts. A clear example is when we have devices that use Bluetooth. By operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency, they will affect the Wi-Fi wireless network.

The same can also happen with the microwave. It is a household appliance that, in operation, uses the frequency close to 2.4 GHz and will negatively affect Wi-Fi. Of course, it is not a device that you always have on, but if you have the router nearby, every time you turn it on you will have problems.

In addition, other devices such as a television could equally affect and cause interference. Especially, take into account devices that you connect to the TV such as speakers, controls, etc. A cordless phone, another device that could cause problems on the Wi-Fi network.

As you can see, choose very well where to locate the router It’s fundamental. Do not put it near obstacles, such as a wall or a wall. Get him as far away from anything of this kind as possible. The best thing is that you put it in a central area of ​​the house, from where it distributes the signal better. This will help you avoid having to use Wi-Fi repeaters in order to have a good connection.

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