Do this to make the Internet go faster on your mobile

Tips for faster internet on mobile

The internet speed problems on the mobile they can appear both when browsing WiFi networks and also through mobile data. Therefore, these tips that we are going to show you can come in handy whether you are at home connected to the wireless network or if you are outside, using the mobile network.

Close background apps

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there are many applications that could be consuming resources even if you don’t realize it. There are certain programs that keep running in the background and can not only affect the performance of the mobile, but also the speed of the Internet.

Therefore, you should take a good look at which applications can continue to work even if you are not directly using them. Any that you see that may be consuming Internet resources, you could close them and thus take better advantage of the speed of the network.

Turn off data saving mode

Do you have activated data saving mode? This can be interesting at certain times when you want to save on your mobile rate or when the available resources are not enough to be able to navigate normally. However, if you keep it activated you may have speed problems.

To access this option will depend on the mobile model you have exactly. Generally you can enter through Settings, Connections, Data usage and there click on Data saving. You must check that it is deactivated and in this way you will make the most of the available resources.

If you use VPN, make it good

Use a VPN on mobile It has become very common. It is very useful to be able to avoid geo-blocking or navigate safely through public Wi-Fi networks, such as a shopping center or an airport. But you should always choose very well which program you are going to use.

In case you use a VPN and find that the Internet speed is not what you would like, try connecting to another server or even use a different VPN. You should avoid the free ones as much as possible, as they tend to offer much lower performance and the speed will be limited.

Keep your phone up to date

Of course, something that can not be missing in order to make the mobile work as well as possible and that the Internet speed is adequate, is to have it correctly updated. This is something you should always do, no matter what type of device you are using to surf the web.

Beyond achieving an improvement in speed, you will avoid certain security problems that may arise. This will prevent flaws that can be exploited by a hacker and be able to steal your personal data or access your passwords without you noticing.

Switch between WiFi and data

One more option that you can take into account to improve Internet speed when using your mobile is switch from WiFi to mobile data or vice versa. Perhaps at some point it is necessary to avoid cuts and achieve better performance to be able to navigate or download a file.

For example, you may be in a place very far from the router and therefore the WiFi reaches you very weak. If you connect to mobile data, you may have at least 4G and the speed may be higher. Therefore, it is something that you should take into account to improve the speed of mobile Internet.

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