Do we need training against Phishing?

Untrained Users Fall More for Phishing

A group of security researchers has raised through a report the need for users to have training in order to be protected against Phishing. Otherwise, one in three users could be the victim of a scam.

Specifically, according to the report by KnowBe4, 31.4% of untrained users could be prone to a Phishing attack. As we know, this strategy consists of the victim entering a link or downloading something malicious, pretending to be really something legitimate.

This same report raises two scenarios: one in which users train for three months, something that would cause the percentage of suffering a Phishing attack to drop from 31.4% to 16.4%. In the second scenario, the training would extend to a full year. In the latter case, the figure would drop to 4.8%.

Without a doubt, these are more than significant data that would make us rethink the possibility that Internet users train in order to know what the Phishing risks, how attacks can come and what to do to avoid them. A widely used technique is what is known as Spear Phishing, something that could be avoided if there is a preparation.

Tips to avoid Phishing

We have seen that preparation against Phishing is interesting for some security researchers. They indicate that users should undergo training to detect threats and be able to avoid them to reduce the risk of password theft or any cyber attack. Now we are going to give some tips to be prepared.

Common sense

We can say that one of the basic pillars to be protected is avoid errors. Common sense will be important to know the most common Phishing traps. It is a type of attack in which the victim is going to have to make a mistake, which basically means handing over their data.

We must always be vigilant not to click on a malicious link that we have received or any possible dangerous file that we are going to download. It is essential to have common sense always present and be thus protected.

Have security programs

Of course we must always count on security programs. It is another important point to avoid any type of attack and Phishing must also be included. We could receive a malicious file that compromises our equipment.

Thank you for having a good antivirus we can prevent the entry of malicious software that compromises security. It is therefore essential to always have tools of this type installed no matter what operating system we use.

Have everything updated

On the other hand, it will also be essential to have everything correctly updated. In this way we will be able to solve certain vulnerabilities that may appear. There are many failures that can put both the device itself and any program that we use at risk.

We usually have patches and updates available to us. This helps us correct those problems and get everything working properly.

Therefore, by following these steps that we have mentioned, we can be more protected against Phishing. We have also seen that a report raises the possibility that users are trained and can detect threats better.

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