Buy original Office 2021 Professional Plus license for €29.90

The office suite of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus It is the latest version that includes all the improvements made by the company. This type of license is valid for a home use and also for use in offices or companiesIn fact, this Office 2021 license can be associated with a Microsoft account to always have it available and activate it on any computer (it only allows activation on a PC). The license is for life, therefore, it does not have any type of expiration over time. Do you want to know what the main features of this Office 2021 Professional Plus are?

Microsoft’s office suite is the most used both at home and in offices and companies, since today the predominant operating system is Windows, both the Windows 10 version and the new Windows 11 version. This version of Office is compatible with both operating systems, and continues to receive bug fix updates through Windows Update.

Top features of Office 2021

The Office 2021 Professional Plus license gives us access to all the Microsoft office suite such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher and also Skype for Business. It does not incorporate access to other products such as Visio or Project, it is something that we must take into account. A very important aspect of this license is that we do not need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription, since the installation is done locally and the activation is done over the Internet or with our Microsoft account. People who decide to buy this version will not have access to the OneDrive cloud to store all their documents and personal files, this is something we must take into account. Many users don’t want anything in the cloud, and this is a great option for them.

Some of the improvements incorporated in this version are that some new functions have been incorporated and the performance of all programs has also been increased, therefore, they should now load much faster than before. Some changes that have been introduced in this new version of Office are:

  • Dark mode: One of the biggest changes that Microsoft has introduced in this version is that dark mode is now available throughout the interface of the different applications. We will be able to see the document itself in black, and the letters will be white, however, we also have the possibility that the sheet has a white background and the letters are black as is usually the case. (
  • Specific applications: Another important aspect of this new version is that dynamic matrices have been incorporated, Word’s immersive reading line approach, XLOOKUP in Excel as a replacement for the typical VLOOKUP functions, we also have HLOOKUP and LOOKUP among other functions. Of course, we can record slides with narration in PowerPoint and many more improvements.

Regarding the requirements, it is necessary to have a Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows Server 2022 operating system, the RAM must be at least 4GB and a disk space of at least 4GB capacity. Nowadays these requirements are very basic for current equipment, so all of us can meet them without any problem. The support that Microsoft will provide with this version of Office is up to 5 years. If we compare Office 2021 with Office 365, we must keep in mind that, if we buy Office 2021, we will not have the new functions until the next version, something that with Office 365 we have continuous updates, although the cost is clearly higher.

You can buy this Office 2021 Professional Plus license for €29.90 on the website. When purchasing the license, you should know that it is valid for installation on any PC and several times, although you will not be able to have the office suite activated on more than one PC, keep that in mind. In addition, the license can be associated with our Microsoft account so that it is always available when you log in. You can buy it from here:

Finally, this license is for life, and is valid for both companies and individuals. In the event that you have any problems activating the license, we have a completely free customer service, in addition, you will also be able to have Microsoft technical support at your disposal since the license is original. When purchasing the license, the shipment is made instantly by email.

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