Do you sweat wearing the Apple Watch? This is how it is solved

Now that we are in summer, the heat is getting tighter and tighter, and with the change of clothes, the change of accessories and complements also arrives. These also include the straps of your Apple Watch, since surely that leather strap that you wore in November is very hot right now. If you want to know which are the right straps to avoid excessive heat, in this post we bring you some of them.

With the arrival of heat, it is more than likely that the strap of your Apple Watch will make your wrist sweat. And it is that many of the materials with which some straps are made can cause a lot of heat. However, there are others made with lighter and lighter materials that will keep you from being so hot during the summer season.

Alternatives so you don’t get hot in summer

Before going on to see some strap options, we are going to clarify some points that you should take into account when buying a strap thinking about not getting too hot.

  • Although it seems obvious, the first thing you should always keep in mind is that it is compatible with your Apple Watch, since how could it be otherwise, only the straps that are special for the Apple watch are the ones that you can use with it, so if you were thinking of using one of another different smartwatch, we are sorry but you won’t be able to. Make sure that the chosen strap is for Apple Watch and that it is also the size of your case, otherwise it will not fit properly.
  • The section of the perspiration It is very important, and more in summer. The strap should be made of a material that doesn’t make you sweat too much and allows sweat to pass through. There are several materials that will keep you from being so hot in summer, including metal, which is comfortable and cool, silicone, which is ideal for playing sports, and finally, fabric, which is the material that breathes best.
  • Finally, it is essential that the strap is durable and resistant. And you are going to use your Apple Watch for everything, so you will need the strap you use to hold as long as possible.

Now that we have already seen some of the characteristics that the straps should have so that they do not make you sweat, so now it is time to see some of the models of straps that will make you go through less heat. A clear example of a strap that doesn’t make you sweat is the one we saw in Apple’s collaboration with Nike. It is a silicone strap with holes, which makes the skin perspire and you do not sweat.

And it is that this type of straps are ideal for heat, just like fabric ones. Fabric straps, often elastic, breathe much better than those made of any other material. However, they have a drawback, and that is that they get dirty easily. There are many options available, in different colors and shapes, so you will have no problem choosing the one that best suits your tastes.

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