Do you use Drive? Now you are more protected

google drive It is undoubtedly one of the most used platforms to host content in the cloud. We can share documents with other users, download files, create backup copies… Now, the truth is that we are not exempt from suffering from some security problem. However, now they will alert us when we open a file that may be insecure and thus avoid downloading malware.

Drive will warn of dangerous files

Now Google Drive will launch a warning when users open some file that could be a danger. The goal is to prevent the entry of malware, files that could be Phishing, ransomware or any other threat. And yes, with a simple text or image file they can sneak a virus into us.

These warnings will be available at the time of open a document, spreadsheets, etc They will gradually incorporate it over the next two weeks until they reach everyone. We will not have to do anything, since it is something automatic as a security improvement for this platform.

It must be taken into account that the malware in the cloud It has grown a lot in recent times. This is so since we use more and more services like Google Drive and the like. Remote work, backup copies that we want to make, sharing documents with friends or family… And of course, hackers know this and that is where they find an opportunity to introduce viruses.

In fact, Google Drive became during 2021 the platform with the largest number of malware downloads. That is what they want to avoid now by launching a warning banner when we open a file that could potentially be a virus and compromise the security of the computer.

What hackers do is create a free google drive account and share files with victims that may contain, for example, links to a Phishing web page to log in to social networks or bank accounts and thus steal access credentials.

They especially take advantage of platforms that are widely used, such as Drive. There they will have a greater chance of success. Of course, in most cases the victims are going to have to make a mistake, so we can be prepared and avoid this type of problem if we take some measures.

Safety tips when using Drive

The first thing is the common sense. That will be the most important thing of all. We must never download files that we suspect may be dangerous, whether or not they give us a warning. The same when opening links that may be within text documents, for example.

On the other hand, it is very important have equipment protected. In this sense, something fundamental is to have a good antivirus. That will help us detect the entry of malware and any such threats. But we must also have the latest versions installed. Thanks to the updates we can correct security problems that become a major problem.

In short, it is essential to be protected when using cloud platforms such as Google Drive. Sometimes you will even have to fix crashes when uploading files to Drive to avoid problems.

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