Do you want to receive your Apple products before December 24? The firm’s website shows purchase dates

Something that seems curious to us in this year of scarcity of raw materials for the manufacture of devices is the novelty of adding estimated maximum shipping dates for Apple products. On the website of the Cupertino company you can see this year a significant change in the online store.

Apple wants us to know in advance if our purchases will arrive before Christmas day, so it adds an option that we find very interesting in which shows the maximum date to place the order and that it arrives on time just before Christmas.

We have never seen this before. In Apple they clearly indicate that in some areas products can be ordered to arrive before Christmas day, we are not clear how they will execute it but they indicate this:

Check the latest dates to order your Christmas gifts with free home delivery. In some metropolitan areas, you can order products in stock to pick them up at an Apple Store or receive them with shipping in two hours by courier until December 24

This will logically change as the demand and supply of products updates on Apple’s shelves. It is curious the system chosen by Apple this time to show the stock of products and the approximate delivery dates, it remains to be seen if they end up being fulfilled and what happens over the weeks. At the moment all purchases arrive before the holidays, but do not delay them too long since the stock of products is not too high right now.

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