Does a VPN help keep viruses out?

Why a VPN Doesn’t Protect Against Viruses

First of all, you have to talk about what a VPN really does. It is an application that we can install on our computer or mobile with the mission of encrypt the connection. It basically means that everything we send over the Internet will go through this service first. For example, if we open a web page in the browser, instead of that information passing from our computer to the server of that site, it will first go through the VPN.

What do we get out of this? The main thing is privacy. Our IP address will be hidden and the pages we visit or the programs we open will not really know where we are, but what they receive is the VPN information. Very useful also to access services that may be geographically blocked, since we falsify the real location.

So does a VPN protect me against virus and malware? The truth is that no. Although it is a tool that to a certain extent will protect our security and privacy by reducing the amount of information we expose, it will not prevent us from downloading a malicious file.

For example we could download a virus if we enter a fake page to download a program that is actually malware. Also if we click on a link that takes us to a platform to log into the mail or social networks and that is really a fraud, we would be at risk.

Therefore, a VPN is not going to protect us against viruses. Although we browse public networks through these types of services, the precautions that we must take will always be the same.

Avoid errors when installing VPN

When can it be dangerous to use VPN

A VPN could even become a safety hazard. Of course, this would happen if we use a bad program, false or that has been created only to steal personal data and not protect the connection.

This is especially the case with VPNs that are free. They are not the best option if we want to protect our data and navigate safely. Many of them are going to collect personal data, since somehow they have to withdraw money. But in addition, these types of programs sometimes contain malware and can affect systems. (

They would also be a problem if we downloaded them from unofficial sources, since we may be installing a program that has actually been maliciously modified. We must always download applications, whatever they may be, from legitimate and official sources. This will help us avoid many problems with the VPN.

Therefore, we can say that VPNs are useful on many occasions, they are programs that can help improve privacy, but if what we want is to prevent viruses from entering, it will not help us.

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