These are the most hacked applications, check if you have them

Hackers can use different strategies to successfully infect user systems. For example, they can send an email with malicious attachments, create false pages, use social networks to steal information… But they can also exploit apps to sneak in malicious software. By this means they can infect systems on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Most used programs to attack

We always say that it is very important to install applications only from official sources. This will precisely prevent attacks like the ones we are going to explain in this article. You can get to see how they infect your system just by installing a program that has been maliciously modified.

A group of security researchers from VirusTotal has revealed which are currently the most hacked apps by hackers. They are the ones most used to distribute malware. Logically, these are programs that are widely used, since in this way they have a greater probability of success.

The three programs are Adobe Reader, Skype Y VLC Player. Do you have any installed? If so, it is important that you know if you have downloaded them from official sources or not. In case you have doubts and believe that you downloaded them from any page, without verifying if they are legitimate, it is best to uninstall them as soon as possible and use a good antivirus to analyze the computer.

Adobe Reader is a widely used program for reading PDF files and it is therefore quite common for us to install it on our computer. Skype is also widely used, in this case mainly to make video calls. On the other hand, VLC Player is a multimedia player that is very present.

Basically what they do is mimic an app. They make the victim believe that they are downloading the legitimate file from Adobe Reader, Skype or VLC Player, but actually it contains virus. The application icon will be the same, but it may have the ability to bypass security programs, firewalls and thus distribute malicious software.

It is also a very common attack technique to steal authentic signing certificates from legitimate software vendors and use them to sign malware. This allows hackers to reach victim systems and attack.

What to do to be protected

So how can we be protected? Not only do you have to take action against these three most hacked applications, but also avoid any other attack. The most important thing is common sense and not making mistakes. Always install programs from official sources. You can go to the web pages of that program or use application stores such as Google Play.

It’s also a good idea to have a good security program. An antivirus will help you detect threats of this type. For example, Windows Defender is a good option, but there are many others. The goal is to choose one with guarantees, one that is up-to-date and works as well as possible. You can even check for viruses without installing anything.

But in addition, it is essential to have the updated system correctly. Install any security patches or new versions that appear. It is something that you must apply both to the operating system itself and to any program you install. This will prevent cybercriminals from being able to exploit security flaws.

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