Does using passwordless registries and avoiding passwords have benefits?

We constantly use passwords to log into social networks, enter bank accounts, or simply turn on the computer. However, in recent times, what is known as passwordless, which basically means that we can log in or access a device without having to enter a password. What are the advantages of this? Is it better to avoid having to enter passwords?

Why it is useful to avoid passwords

If we wonder how we can avoid having to put a traditional key, we can mention different methods. A clear example is the fingerprint to log in through mobile applications, especially. Also facial recognition or even use access keys to enter a computer.

One of the positive points of passwordless and avoiding passwords is their simplicity. Let’s think about the number of keys that we have to remember if we do things right (one unique for each account). We are talking about complex passwords that we must remember or use key managers to enter Facebook, in the mail or in any online service that we use.

Instead, simply being able to use your fingerprint will make this process easier. We will not have to memorize or store many keys, but simply use our finger to enter all these applications. The same if we use facial recognition or any similar method.

But also we eliminate a weak point very clear: the theft of passwords. Let’s think about a data leak, a keylogger that steals our password or any malware that can affect us. Although it is true that they could attack and steal a fingerprint, for example, it is a much more complicated process and it is not so present. Therefore, we gain security and eliminate a weak point.

Avoid password mistakes

Are we approaching a future without passwords?

The truth is that nowadays it is not something that is widespread. Microsoft It has been a pioneer in eliminating passwords to use its services, but it is not something that is present, at least for the moment, in more services of this type. In all of them, in one way or another, we must use passwords.

However, we can use passwordless even partially. For example, to enter the bank through the mobile phone, we can forget the password and simply enter with the fingerprint. The same for social networks or many programs that are compatible. This is good for avoiding key managers in the browser, which can be a problem.

But, are we really approaching a future where passwords give way exclusively to other alternative methods? Here there is disparity of opinions, since there are studies that say that little by little we will dispense with passwords, while others indicate that it will not be possible, since we will always have access codes even if alternative methods appear.

Be that as it may, the truth is that number of programs that allow us to log in without having to type the password is increasing. In addition, devices such as physical keys are extended that will help us log in and verify that we are the legitimate user without having to use a password.

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