Dog-sized zoids made from recycled plastic by a Filipino artist

Valentino Bongbong is a Filipino model maker who rose to the headlines for making models of Zoids, of considerable size, completely made of recycled plastic.

Zoids models in “child-sized” recycled plastic

His models of “animalistic” mecha piloted by human beings and protagonists of the homonymous anime, in fact, have nothing to do with the famous assembly kits of the Tomy as they are real reproductions, the size of a dog, made completely from scratch.

Bongbong has published photos of his creations, finished down to the smallest detail, on his social profiles, immediately becoming viral in the community of toy collectors and modelers.

The artist used recycled plastic and other recycled materials in the making of these Zoid, a model to be precise Liger Zero it’s a Blade Liger as you can see in the images that are making the rounds of the web.

We can only applaud the modeling skills of Bongbong Valentino who had an excellent idea to recycle plastic in a very creative way. Who knows, maybe as well as being viral, his photos could inspire other modelers to try their hand at similar creations.

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